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KSI Red Virus

Every Division in KSI

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Message to all of KSI! The "KSI Network" tag is back in action. This tag will be ran by the Department of Community Affairs. It will be sending message to all Divisional Tags about; info regarding rules/new , meetings, workshops, etc. In order for this to even work. We will need all Divisions to create a Divisional Tag or use their current existing one. Example: "KSI UV Division". If you are a Division Leader or the highest rank in an exisiting division you will need to make one and have access to it. Your divisional tags should hold all squadtags, and generals and higher (for emergency reasons). After yall have done so, please send a friends request from your divisional tag to "KSI Network" you will then be added to its messaging system. If you ever recieve a message from the Network tag, you as the divisional tag holder is responsible to repeat that message to all squadtags, and generals and higher and they should do the same to ensure the messages get out. This is just to ensure the KSI gaming community is getting the information needed. Please try and get this done by this Wednesday :D

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