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  • Board Mission

    KSI Global is embracing a philosophy of transparency and trust. The member base of KSI is the most important aspect, and the promise laid forth by the Senior Leadership is to ensure every member of the community has a voice. Checks & Balances have always been about ensuring the safety of our members, and the integrity of the brand. The pride instilled from how members feel apart of a family, is a core value. This Board will be the member's voice, and will help guide KSI into the future and  provide a great community for our members to be a part of.

    Board Members

    Position-Based Board Members

    These members are on the board by virtue of their position in the community, they will serve as board members as long as they hold the corresponding position in KSI. The ranks included on the board, and the corresponding member are listed below.

    Owner / Creator - KSI Kered 7 / KSI JT 7

    Executive Director - KSI Viktory 7

    Operations Director - KSI Icespot 7

    Director of Member Services - KSI Airy 7

    Director of Education - TBA

    Director of Web Operations - KSI Linden 7

    Director of Admin Services - KSI Cheddar 7


    Elected Board Members

    These members are elected by the board to represent KSI as a whole, and serve 6 month terms on the board. They are eligible for re-election an unlimited amount of terms.

    Member - KSI Ronald 7

    Member - KSI Obsidian 7

    Member - KSI Nex Addo 7



    Division Representatives

    These members are elected by their respective divisions, and serve a 2 month term on the board. They are not eligible for re-election for 6 months after leaving their seat.

    Fallen Angels - KSI Babytree24

    Atlantis Rising - KSI_Kimber_1911