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  • KSI Leadership Chart

    Creators of KSI Global Gaming:

    KSI Se7en 7

    KSI JT 7

    KSI Deadmeat 7

    KSI Syrus 7


    Executive Leadership



    KSI JT 7 / R00t Da3m0n

    KSI Kered 7

    The Creator is the ultimate authority inside of the KSI Global Gaming Network. They oversee the various operations of KSI, working closely with the Executive Director to ensure KSI is living up to it's full potential. The Creator has the final say in any and all major decisions that will impact the community. KSI JT 7 also acts as webmaster for all of KSI's websites.

    Executive Director

    KSI Viktory 7

    This rank oversees and is the final say on all “Big Picture” advancements, issues and policies in KSI. They are in contact with the Web Ops Staff and Senior Directors to stay up to date with daily operations in all aspects of the community. The Executive Director maintains an open line of communication to the community through the Senior Directors an Web Operations Staff. The Executive Directors biggest responsibility is the growth and sustainability of the community as a whole. The Executive Director is also the external representative of KSI to all outside communities and organizations. Other than Creator/Owner, Executive is the highest attainable rank in KSI and is chosen by majority vote of the KSI Board of Operations.  Besides the Owner and Creators, the Executive Director is the most senior leadership position in the community. 


    Operations Director

    KSI Icespot 7

    The Operations Director is the head of day to day operations in KSI. They take direction from the Executive Director and Board of Operations and ensure the vision for the community is properly executed. They are responsible for oversight of both the Web and Clan areas of KSI. The Operations Director serves as the Clan Operations representative on the Board of Operations. Senior Directors and the Director of Web Operations report directly to the Operations Director who will ensure that the goals and execution of the Web and Clan areas are aligned and working as designed to provide the best possible environment for members of KSI.


    Chief Justice

    KSI Poseidon 7

    The Chief Justice of KSI is responsible for providing a checks and balance to the leadership structure of KSI. This member is to remain unbiased in all situations and correct any unjust actions taken by KSI leaders. This member has the authority to undo any punishment handed out unfairly, but does not have the authority to punish any member in KSI. The holder of this position is held to a higher standard than any member in KSI. The ultimate goal of this member is to provide a fair environment for members all throughout KSI. 


    Director of Web Operations 

    KSI Linden 7

    The Director of Web Operations handles the day to day operations of Web Operations under the supervision of the Webmaster. They appoint and remove Department Managers, team and project leaders, and the other various leadership positions in Web Operations. Their duty is to ensure all Departments of Web Operations run efficiently and are producing the best quality content possible. They handle questions, concerns and issues brought to them by the Department Managers and Team Leaders. The Director of Web Operations, or DoWO, has the authority to restructure all KSI Web Departments if needed as well as implementing policy and rules the Departments must follow. The DoWO also is an authority in all aspects of Web Operations: Departments, Discord, the forums, CMS and any KSI related social media. The Director of Web Operations has the power to open and close any department or team, with the approval of the Webmaster or the Executive Director 


    Director of Education


    The Education Director is one of the most vital positions in KSI. They're charged with creating a curriculum that best suits KSI and implementing at all levels of the community(Squad Officers/Division Officers/Senior Leadership/Web Ops Leadership). They educate on a wide variety of things, ranging from leadership training to how to properly build a successful squad. The Education Director oversee's all workshops in the community in order to facilitate a knowledge first culture in the community. The Education Directorcan also create or close down any education workshop or training session. The staff of the Education department report to the Education Director, seeing which areas in KSI need the most attention and diagnosing what the educational solution is needed to improve any given situation. The Education Director, with the approval of the Senior Director or Executive Director, can edit, change or remove any education based policy.


    Clan Operations



    KSI Airy 7

    This position is given to those Division Leaders who may become eligible for a promotion after 3 month as Division Leader, as well as at least 32 weeks of training and experience in KSI. They must also have a productive leadership history within a division.

    Division Leaders

    KSI Ares 7 I Fallen Angels

    KSI Ronald 7 l Atlantis Rising





    Web Operations Leadership


    Media Manager

    KSI Bubba 7

    The Media Manager is responsible for the public-facing web teams such as the Social Media Department, KSI Public Relations & News Teams. They are charged with the duty and authority over these teams and are responsible for crafting & maintaining the image of KSI on these platforms. They advertise the purpose and different parts of KSI on social media to any people wishing to join. They handle any public relation issues or questions brought to them by current or prospective members. The Media Manager works hand and hand with the KSI Productions department & the Graphics Team to help promote and advertise any content that the Production Department produces(videos, events, news articles, etc.). The Media Manager uses their various tools and platforms to help recruit new members into the community, and coordinates with the Directors of the community on recruitment from social media. The Media Manager reports directly to the Director of Web Operations. 


    Productions Manager

    KSI Certified 7

    The Productions Manager is in charge of and has full authority over the KSI Productions Department. Youtube, and Stream Teams. All of these teams fall under the authority of the Productions Manager and they ensure that these teams are producing consistent and quality content for the members of KSI and the community as a whole. They are also the creative director of these areas, insuring that cutting edge, original and appealing content ideas are being realized and implemented. The Productions Manager has complete autonomy when selecting prospective members for the various teams in the Productions Department. They ensure the productivity of their teams and projects, making sure that the work the department does represents the community in the best possible light. The Productions Manager reports directly to the Director of Web Operations.



    Art Director

    KSI Anatomy 7

    The Art Director is responsible for managing the Graphics Department & the Artists Team. The Art Director is also responsible for overseeing graphics requests, reviewing and approving new team applications, and creating & sustaining a constructive environment for positive feedback & criticism for artists to learn from. The responsibilities of the Art Director further include ensuring that Graphics Requests are completed in a timely manner, that members are adhering to the request guidelines when posting new requests, and that Graphics Artists are properly fulfilling requests within the standards of the Graphics Team. The Art Director reports directly to the Director of Web Operations.



    Community Manager


    The Community Manager is responsible for overseeing the departments that are most integrated within the community: Events, and Achievement Awards Program (AAP). The Community Manager's responsibilities also include:

    • Organizing & Overseeing community events
    • Organizing & Overseeing Tournaments
    • Organizing regularly scheduled activities
    • Issuing Rewards for completed events.
    • Creating & Approving new awards for AAP.
    • Managing the Division Events Coordinators program.
    • Controlling & Overseeing the issuing of awards to members.

    The Community Manager reports to both the Director of Web Operations & The Operations Director for the community.