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  • Table of Contents

       1. Terms used in the KSI Global Gaming Network

       2. Recruiting Reference

           2.1 Eligibility

           2.2  Mass Messages

           2.3 Show and Tell

           2.4 Use of LFG and Clubs/Communities

           2.5 Sample Recruiting Speech

           2.6 Recruit Tag

           2.7 Recruit Per Day Policy

       3. "Do Not Hire"

       4. "Blacklisted"

       5. Transferring Squads or Divisions.

            5.1 Squad to Squad

            5.2 Division to Division

       6. Rejoining KSI

       7. Being removed from a Squad/Division

       8. Poaching

       9. The Merging of Divisions or Squads

       10. Web Ops

            10.1 Moderation and Administration

            10.2 Departments

            10.3 Rule of Three

       11. History of the ‘7’


    1. Terms used in KSI Global Gaming Network

    • Squad: A group of KSI members, the smallest unit within KSI, usually called a one word name but sometimes referred to with the two-letter division designator. (KSI SpecOps SF)

    • Division: A set of squads under the umbrella of a division staff, usually called by two words abbreviated by their letters. (KSISpecOps SF)

    • Blacklist: Only suitable when a member breaks the Code of Conduct severely, directly attempts to hurt or damage KSI, or performs illegal activities. (DDOS, Host-Booting, etc.)

    • "Do Not Hire" (DNH): Suitable to use when a member disrespects KSI leaders, or breaks the Code of Conduct on a less severe level to where Blacklist can not occur.

    • Transfer: The term used for when a member moves from one Division to another; this is also applicable for moving from squad to squad.

    • Merge/Merging: The process of two or more Division combining into one; this is also applicable for combining multiple squads into one.

    • Clan-Ops: All operations occurring within squads and Divisions.

    • Web-Ops: All operations occurring over the website. (Ex. News Team, Productions Team, Graphics Team, etc.)

    • Squad/Division Split: The point at which a ~squad/~Division reaches an appropriate member goal set by upper leadership and is able to split to create a new squad/Division.

    • 7: Used to refer to someone who has obtained the rank of Founder or higher. Upon achieving that rank, the leader is authorized to change their tag to include 7 at the end.

    • Flagship: This term is used to describe a division that leads the way in KSI, defining what it means to be leaders in the community.

    • Security Risk: A person who attempts to breach KSI security measures, whether it be unauthorized access to community systems or making threats to members.

    • Poaching: The act of taking or enticing members of one community to join another.


    2. Recruiting Reference

        -In this section is a reference of a known and successful way to recruit gamers into the KSI. Know that a good way to recruit, not listed in this reference is to play with the gamer and personal get to know them. This will establish a personal connection that is vital in KSIrecruiting.


     2.1 Eligibility

        - A potential recruit must meet the following requirements to be eligible for recruitment into KSI:

    - 16 years of age (Some areas of KSI will allow 15 year olds to join if their birthday is within 6 months)

    - A working mic or a way around it such as a discord voice channel for verification.

    - Play the game that squad is based on.


     2.2 Mass Messaging

        -Mass Messaging is the process of sending messages to multiple people from recently played lists. If you do use this version of recruiting keep in mind to weed out the ones who are underage or display poor behavior.


     2.3 Show and Tell

        - This style of recruiting is where current members go out either solo or in recruiting lobbies and show potential recruits the fun of being in KSI then tell them about the community to see if they may be interested in joining.


     2.4 Use of Looking for Group or Clubs/Communities

    Looking For Groups

    Looking for groups is fairly simple and highly efficient. There are only a few steps to setting it up.

    You must find a group or you can even use the game hub. For example, Battlefield games have a main hub that basically everyone uses.

    Locate your group for this example. Click on the club and it'll bring you into a page. At the top of the page there are 5 categories. You can either post in the chat that you’re looking for members to join KSI or post in the Looking for Groups portion.  

    • Go to the Looking For Groups tab on the hub and create a post. When creating a post it asks for day, party start time, players needed, post to, language. Put today, start time now, players needed 15, post to Xbox live and language English. It'll also ask for you to add tags. You may do so, but it isn’t required. The main thing is adding a description. 
      " Hello I'm part of an amazing gaming community known as KSI. We play a variety of games and someone is always on to play with. There are a few requirements to joining. Must be 16 years or old, download a communication app called discord and sign up on our forums. If you are interested in joining feel free to hit that interested button and I'll bring you in and explain a little more about KSI.” Then post it.


    • Now on the hub your post will pop up and all u have to do is click on it and gather your party. With that you can invite members to your party, but once you leave your party that post will be erased.  While you’re in the party, you can continue to play, but you will start receiving notifications that someone is interested. Select the notification and it will bring up a screen that shows who is interested in the post. Approve the person then select Gather Your Party and it will bring them into your party. 

      This point is where members may choose to join or not. Give the recruitment speech first or play a couple of games with them first then do it. Work your magic and happy hunting!


     2.5 Recruiting Sample

    Recruiter: Would you be interested in joining KSI?

    Player: What's KSI?

    Recruiter: KSI stands for Knowledge Strength and Integrity. It's a gaming community (or clan) that offers a lot of different things, even beyond the Xbox.

    Player: Like what?

    Recruiter: We have a website that does graphics and has a News Team. We have a Productions group that does machinima and live streaming. On the Xbox side, we have game nights and tournaments and a ranking structure where you could learn leadership or just meet new friends.

    Player: Sounds cool. How do I join?

    Recruiter: Do you mind changing your motto and clan tag?

    Player: No

    Recruiter: Ok, so put this in your motto ((send them a text message with KSI (squad name) (division abbreviation) REC (or PVT) - ex. KSISpecOps XV PVT)). Then change your clan tag to KSI7. ((If you want them to change their bio to recruited by and when, have them add that in too)).

    Player: Is that all?

    Recruiter: Not quite. Add (insert squad tag - ex. KSI SpecOps XV). This is the squad tag. That's where we keep track of all the other members within the squad. So if you want some extra people to play with, check the friendslist to see who is on the same game and go ahead and invite them to play. We have meetings on (insert day/time) and game nights on (insert days/times). Messages will usually go out to remind everyone though.

    Player: Cool.

    Recruiter: The website is ksiglobal.com if you want to go on there to talk to other KSI players and get involved in the web aspects. The rank structure and code of conduct are on there too. Mainly just includes things like no modding, cheating, or hacking; be respectful of everyone; and have a good time. Any questions?

    Player: Makes sense to me.

    Recruiter: Cool, let's go play some more games then.


    2.6 Recruit Tag (Optional)

    The recruit tag is a system that ensures new recruits are quality members. It allows members to "mass recruit" because every recruit that is gained within that given squad goes through something called a "Recruit Tag”. In this system, all new potential members are required to add the recruit tag first. An officer is in charge of training all the recruits added to that tag, and once a recruit is trained they are removed from the recruit tag then added to the squad tag.

    The squad tag holder is not allowed to add new recruits to the squad tag until those recruits go through the recruit tag process. Which means the officer in charge of that recruit tag is responsible for letting the squad tag holder know which recruit graduated and which didn't. The officer is also responsible for conducting background checks during training.


    2.7 One Recruit a day Policy Per Squad

    Every squad in KSI Global Gaming Network is expected to grow by at least one recruit a day. It doesn't matter who specifically in each squad gets the recruit. We aren't about "numbers" but we are primarily here to grow by quality. We want to give as many gamers as possible the best gaming experience as possible. This policy if basically a guaranteed assurance of growth.


    3. "Do Not Hire"

       - "Do Not Hire" (DNH) status is given when a member has had multiple minor infractions of the Code of Conduct and is removed from a Division or KSI. DNH means the member may not be allowed back within the ranks, but is still permitted to associate with members of KSI.


    ***Division-level DNHs can be approved by Division leaders with acknowledgement from their Director. KSI-level DNHs must be approved by a Director or higher.


    4. "Blacklisted"

       - Blacklisting status is given when a member has had one/many major infraction(s) of KSI policies and Code of Conduct and poses a threat to other members, Divisions, or the community as a whole. Blacklisting means current KSI members are not authorized to interact with the blacklisted person. Blacklistings can only be approved by a Senior Director or higher.


    5. Transferring Squads or Divisions

     5.1 Squad to Squad Transfer

     -Sometimes members request a transfer for a variety of reasons, to include a primary game change, family or friends in another squad or because some members just don't get along. One of the ways to resolve the situation is to remove one member from the equation. Within the division, the Co-Founder(s) or higher gets the two generals in a party in order to come to an agreement on the transfer. There are one of three options:

    1. The two squads swap members. A PVT for a PVT, or a LT for two SGTs, something to that effect.

    2. The departing member recruits a certain number of people to make up for the loss. For example, a SGT or LT would recruit two, but a CPT would have to recruit 3, depending on the General's preference. Division leadership (Co-fo or higher) representative must make sure that it is a reasonable number of people and the trade is fair on both sides.

    3. The departing member takes a one to two rank demotion (usually for officers).

    Scenario: A 2nd CPT wants a transfer into another squad. The GEN has put time into training the CPT and will have to put more time into training the replacement. The receiving squad will trade a LT and the departing CPT will have to recruit 2 more members in order to make up for the loss.

     5.2 Division to Division Transfer

       -A division transfer works similarly to a squad transfer. At the division-level, though, the two division leaders will make the negotiations with the director(s) over those divisions acting as mediators.

    Division-level transfers are also the ones that more often utilize the rank demotions in order to discourage people from transferring for rank, though they still have the same options used for squad transfers to include the combination. A 2 rank demotion is highly recommended for division transfers.

     - KSI members CANNOT leave KSI and rejoin within a 4 month time frame in a SEPARATE squad or division because their transfer request wasn't approved. This will result in immediate removal from the KSI Global Gaming Network. 

    6. Rejoining KSI

     6.1 Rejoining KSI After Leaving

    - If a member chooses to leave the community (when it is not the result of a blacklist or DNH), they may return. If a member returns within 24 hours, they may be able to retain their previous rank. After 48 hours, they must wait 30 days before rejoining a squad, but they may not return at the rank they left.

      6.2 Procedures for rejoining the KSI Global Gaming Network after being Blacklisted or DNH'd.

      -The only way to get access to join back into KSI after being Blacklisted or DNH'd is to file a court appeal in the Official Court System in KSI. Those applying for an appeal should ensure they have witnesses to the reason for the blacklisting (if possible) and character witnesses for their return. The Court will then make a determination on if that person is to be removed from the blacklist/DNH and allowed to rejoin. They are also authorized to make conditions for rejoining such as rank locks, required courses, and specified divisions.

       - Timeline for appeals:

    - First appeal: 14 days after DNH, 30 after blacklist occurred

    - Second and consequent appeals (if first was denied): Discretion of the courts

    7. Being removed from a Squad/Division.

     -A KSI member may be removed from the community at any point in time for violating the KSI Code of Conduct and/or Xbox Live disclaimer, multiple minor infractions (usually a 3-strike policy), or a major infraction. The removal may be from a squad, a division or the community. Squad removals can be done by a General or higher. Division removals can be done by the Founder or higher. Removals may or may not be in conjunction with a DNH or blacklisting.

    Examples of infractions include:

    - Disrespect

    - Poaching (the act of enticing/taking KSI members away from the community)

    - Hitting (destroying a squad or a division)

    - Continued unexplained inactivity

    - Modding/Cheating

    - Breaking rules and policies

    8. Poaching

        8.1 Poaching From KSI

     - Poaching from KSI is the act of taking or consecutive attempts to take members from a squad either through a hit or through offering a better rank or experience somewhere else. This can result in immediate DNH or blacklist status due to the perceived threat to squads and divisions in the community.

        8.2 Poaching To KSI

     - Asking a member who is currently in another community to join KSI is also referred to as poaching. Doing this can result in rank suspension or removal from KSI. Members of other communities who request to join must leave that community and can not be recruited into KSI until at least 72 hours after they left.

    9. The Merging of Divisions or Squads

      - When a Division/squad falls (numbers are very low, and leadership is scarce), Divisions/squads have been known to combine into one. Ranks are decided upon at the current state of the situation, and leadership. The name of the new Division/squad is usually the same as the Division/squad with the most leadership and members before the merge.  

    10. Web Ops, and utilizing the Forums

      - Like any great community, we have a fully functioning web site, and a staff to go along with it. The Web Ops side of the community does not have any overpower to that of Clan Ops and that is true both ways. The rules and regulations are the same between the two.

      - In the event of disciplinary action, depending on the situation, usually a member is only reprimanded in either clan ops or web ops, not both. However, if web ops becomes a distraction from clan ops duties, division leadership can require members to take a leave of absence from web ops duties in order to fulfill clan ops. If a balance can't be achieved, a member may be asked to focus solely on one side or the other.

     10.1 Moderation and Administration

      -Referred to as the guides of the forums. They work to bring members a profitable experience on the web ops side of KSI by insuring that little to no conflict arises in web ops by policing the forums, and working endlessly to simplify the website by adding Chain-of-Command, Rank Structure, and Code of Conduct resources for all members to use.

     10.2 Departments

     -With the Web Ops side of KSI, you are provided a chance at an experience that can only be found here. There are many departments that use the forums and other social media sites to spread the image of KSI to the world. Below is the list of departments you can be apart of to expand your time here in KSI.

       ~Awards and Achievement Program (web): The AAP is the area to get all the shiny awards at the bottom of your posts. This department awards, and honors, members that have proven themselves as a KSI member. The staff positions are application based and only a few members are taken at a time.

       ~Graphic Arts Department (web): The GFX team provides the images you will see throughout the site, banners, signatures, or anything of the sort. They also are able to help strengthen you as a Graphic Artist to become better. The team is application based, but no limits on a team size. They are here to help you as you help the community.

       ~News Team (web): The News Team bring the latest, and greatest, news to the community. They will provide you with upcoming games, game reviews, and technological advancements. Weekly articles are posted and can be read by the entire community. They are also here to strengthen you as a writer as you help the community. The team is application based, but no limits on the team size.

       ~Productions Team (web): The Productions Staff bring the latest videos of KSI game-play to the community. Any recent tournaments, game nights, or anything KSI that can be made into a video, will be here. They use YouTube to spread the word about KSI to the world. They will help strengthen you as you strengthen the community. The team is application based, but no limits on the team size.

      ~Court Judges (clan): The Judges are there for when a blacklisted or DNHed member tries to appeal their sentence. The Judges are set to gather any info about the case and they have the final say over the return of the member. The team is application based and only a few members are taken at a time

      ~Future Technology Leaders of America (clan): The FTLA Mentors provide the knowledge that they have learned through time and dedication, to newer members. The classes taken will help a student become more involved and more knowledgeable in the fields of KSI. The team is hand picked by the Chief of Education, but more than one class can run at a time.

     ~Marketing Team (web): The Marketing Team is sent out to better the image of KSI through merchandise, video, news, or anything that works, through mass social media (Facebook, Twitter....). The staff will plan what we are able to do to bring in a sort of cash flow into the community to help fund events or competition that may occur. The team is application based, but only a few are taken at a time.

    ~ Streaming (web): KSI makes a conscious effort to enable new and upcoming streamers to participate on the community Twitch Team.

     10.3 Rule of Three

     - Members are restricted from participating in more than 3 departments at any given time. This is to ensure they are able to commit fully to those departments rather than only give a little to several.

     - Additionally, Administrators should not hold any team lead or assistant lead positions unless there is no other viable alternative.

    11. The History of the “7”

    - The 7 at the end of a tag indicates that a member has earned the rank of Founder or above.

    KSI began as a small clan called MFG on Unreal Championship. The server was a No Auto Aim server called “Killingservice7”. From this, Killing Services, Inc. was born. The original rank structure consisted of the following:

    • Private

    • Sergeant

    • Lieutenant

    • Captain

    • General

    • Co-Founder

    • Founder

    As KSI grew, the rank structure lengthened, adding in Co-Clan Leader, Clan Leader, Director, and Senior Director as well as Co-Creator and Creator. Later still, the ranks of Corporal, Staff Sergeant, and Major were also added. But the 7 would remain a symbol of those who began the clan as Founders. Presently, Founder is the first rank tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the entire Division. In keeping with original tradition, the Founder rank is also granted to members starting new Divisions within KSI.