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  2. RD Forums Competition

    KSI Cynical Nemesis General
  3. Admin Request Box.

    alright thank you
  4. Admin Request Box.

    Get your Lead to post in here and we'll go from there.
  5. Dead forums.

    Not being a smartass, and a lot of us are guilty of this, but this is a great example of how we can increase forums activity. I saw you post in discord on Tuesday about forum activity, which I responded there. However, you could have included a link to this topic for discussion which would have encouraged me and everyone else that responded to respond here. From discord: "I'm just going to say that it needs the entire community's effort. We need more interesting content to make people want to post and respond. I've seen a few times where 1 or 2 divisions tried to increase forum activity and then it dies off. I lost count how many times I've been to a meeting and heard "hey everyone, we need to increase forums activity." So then you get the bare minimum posts by a few and maybe a few good posts by others. Then eventually that attempt dies off completely because of goals/focus shifting to something else. Which, I get that certain priorities change, but if we had the entire community participating and if a division shifts focus, then the other divisions would be able to keep activity up." Here's what usually happens when you force posting activity. In the short-term, people will do the bare minimum which in return will not help activity in the long-run. People will post their favorite color, but that's not going to generate any type of interest from other members. I've taken online undergraduate level courses that had a discussion requirement: Post 1 well thought-out post about an assigned topic and then respond to 3 classmates that adds to their discussion. What did undergraduate level students post as responses? "Great job! I agree." They did the bare minimum of just replying to 3 classmates just to get it done quickly and out of the way. They most likely did not even bother to read the discussion at all. Just like in businesses, great "leaders" encourage rather than require/force. It's easy to say "everyone is required to post 3 times a week," but that's not being a leader. We completed a KSI survey where 161/2500 people answered. I could go ahead and point fingers and say that we only received 6% of our population back then because of a lack of support from upper leadership. But I'm not because I know 161 people responded because a few of us simply shared the link and what it was about and encouraged members to respond. Let me rephrase that, we were able to get 161 people to respond to a survey without involvement from upper leadership and without requiring it. The point being is that we can absolutely get results by working together and not always having to rely or blame upper leadership. However, of the 161 people, 79% were registered on the forums. 25% stated they visit the forums daily and another 25% said they visit the forums multiple times a day.... It's engaging them and getting them to want to post and respond (quality posts) that seems to be the tough part. So we should be getting people to think "hey, I should post this on the forums" much like how a lot of people are so eager to share something on facebook.
  6. RD Forums Competition

    KSI Contrast Hades RD SGT
  7. Karma nom

    Officer - Yes Member Assistance- Yes Reality Dynasty - Yes
  8. Karma nom

    im also general
  9. Nether blue nom

    Destiny 2 - Requirements met reality dynasty - Requirements Met member assistance - 1 witness officer or higher required officer - Requirements met mentor - 3 people claiming him as a mentor required.
  10. Airborne nom

    Master Trainer - Yes Rainbow Six Siege - Yes
  11. RD Forums Competition

    jayz9892 Hades RD CPL
  12. Karma nom

    State your current rank for me please
  13. Airborne nom

    I can witness to all awards
  14. Admin Request Box.

    Could we get a subsection under productions for montages? I'm apart of the production team and I want to make a section for members to fill out a request forum and to get them there very own montage. (p.s this have been approved by team lead )
  15. Nether blue nom

    He does not qualify for mentor, but I can vouch and witness to the rest.
  16. Fatal wolf nom

    Officer- Yes Member Assistance- yes Reality Dynasty-yes Cod B03- yes
  17. RD Forums Competition

    KSI Warr Hades RD SGT
  18. Mr glass nom

    Officer- Yes Member Assistance- Yes Reality Dynasty- Yes Cod B03- Yes
  19. Make me pretty

    Just to make sure the text is: From The ashes
  20. Dead forums.

    If you're trying to start a change, you're starting in the wrong area... Go hit up the leaders on discord... Go link them here. Talk with them on Xbox Live. But continuing to vent here isn't solving the problem. Like you said, the same five people read and comment on everything... That isn't going to change anytime soon.
  21. KSI xPartyBoyx nomination

    Grammar Nazi- Yes
  22. Nagisa nom

    Reality Dynasty- yes
  23. Formal nom

    Officer- Yes Reality Dynasty-Yes Member Assistance-Yes Trainer-Yes
  24. Karma nom

    @KSI.Karma He deserves the member assistance award , because he is always asking them what can we do better or how they liked this new idea. He is very interactive with them and tries to make things better for the members of KSI @KSI Monkeyy 7
  25. Dead forums.

    I've said it too many damn times. Make forums activity required! Idgaf if it's something as simple as what's your favorite color or what's your favorite ramen flavor... activity, posting, people on the forums! Get it or get out. I mean I see no one disagreeing with this topic. I mean people don't even care enough to say it's wrong but the same five people are commenting on it :/ the same five that post on everything... ugh I'm ranting.
  26. Dead forums.

    Look at you being all smart and stuff. In all seriousness though, you can encourage as much as you want but people aren't going to follow along unless it's either required or stupid simple... And the forums aren't. Logical human behavior, the majority will do the least amount of work with the most gain. They have nothing major to gain from joining and using the forums and it's more work than it's worth to them... Until that changes, I don't see activity climbing exponentially anytime soon... You'll get a few stragglers that break the mold like Airy, myself, etc.. but for the most part, most people don't want to do more effort than they have to unless it benefits them.
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