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  3. New Award Suggestions

    The Gamer Elite Reward: This is a "gaming community" right?! Then I think we need more gaming based awards. How about the member that proves he is just a cut above the rest, at several games. He puts his friends in his hiking back pack and carries them up the mountain across several titles, and can show competitive expertise as well. It could be based on kd on cod, wins and kd on fortnite and pubg, overwatch rank, and all sorts of other stuff, including fellow member's recommendations. Any takers?
  4. Adults Table

    I dont believe we have met either, but I have been wanting to say what an impressive job you did on CMS. I worked with ViceCaptain on Clan.net and this is a great evolution of that! I did Clan Analysis back on Halo 2, and I wish we had the stats and system in place that we do now. Problem is there is a lot of leaders and senior leaders that ignore what the numbers are telling them, or just don't care to know. Aside from that, I am a number and stats guy in my profession. I know how to analyze numbers and to me, what needs to be done is clear, but still we will have those who just want to be able to say "we recruited 100 people this week" and ignore the fact that they lost 110. At some point people need to realize if a strategy isnt working. And even if you had a winning strategy that has worked time and time again, it can always cease to work. Times change and so should strategies. I am working to instill that at a division level but until Senior Leadership decides to attempt a new strategy, we will continue to experience the same results we have seen for the past 5-6 years.
  5. CMS Rank-Role Addition

    I don't pop in here too often, but I'm the person that created/developed the new CMS. I'm not sure if someone answered your question. Basically, if KSI leadership wanted something added, I can certainly do so if it's possible. Not sure if it's what you're thinking of, but CMS does have a "notes" section beyond the one line "comments" that you see on the squad page. I meant to make a way for it to be accessible from the squad page directly, but it's under CMS Management -> usernotes. You can add different types of notes to members and you can view notes specific to members that are under your squad(s). Even someone's transfer history is automatically logged there.
  6. Adults Table

    I figured I would stop by to defend a good friend here and offer some feedback altogether. You yourself were a victim of people publicly saying stuff about you when they also did not know all of the details yet you're going to do the same thing in regards to Mizz Airy, whom is categorized as a retired leader. If you have a grudge against her, that's fine, but there's no need to create lies about her and try to ruin her reputation. Especially since: I have always thought of KSI as an organization/community. Naturally, with that comes staff turnover. Just like at any other organization, there are people in highly sensitive positions, such as HR, that have access to a plethora of information on employees. Even more so than KSI since KSI doesn't collect social security numbers . Point is, employee/staff turnover happens every day in the real world, you just have to trust that you have trustworthy/professional people, or at least threaten legal action if a breach does occur. I have a lot of respect for Mizz, so it kind of hits a nerve to hear someone say that she blew it and insinuate that she betrayed KSI. It's been about 3 months since she retired and I have not witnessed a single instance of her betraying KSI. Mizz did not blow it nor did she betray KSI, I'm not sure where you got that from. She also was not the old head of HR when she left, she was out of HR for quite some time as well as internal affairs. Again, like other organizations, if a staff member and leadership simply do not see eye-to-eye on things or they do not have time for things then people and leadership are free to make whatever choices they feel necessary. In this case, Mizz retired and concentrated on her personal life. ^^ I don't think we've met but those are true words, thoughts, and actions of a leader with a vision ^^ Also sounds like someone who is using the CMS statistics the way I meant for them to be used and analyzed.
  7. 21 Pilots -> Like or Deny

    21 pilots are good
  8. Favorite Sports Movie

    Water boy
  9. Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    Dragon Ball Z- Goku
  10. Pineapple pizza

  11. Favorite movie

    Saving Private Ryan
  12. Marvel or DC?

  13. Beer n tequila

  14. What is your favourite animal?

  15. What is your favourite Battlefield Game?

    Battlefield 1943
  16. The Review - Bright

    Yeah, series wouldve been best. I can't to see if/when a sequel releases.
  17. What game would you like to see remastered?

    MW2 all the way
  18. Metal Gear VR training
  19. Adults Table

    Well s$&!
  20. Adults Table

    Well s$&!
  21. Great job!

    It is amazing how much activity you have in this division. Keep up the great work.
  22. Hello/Help?

    Well I guess I just gotta wait until someone is able to do it
  23. Hello/Help?

    Wish I could help you.
  24. What game(s) are you most looking forward to in 2018?

    I would have to say Far Cry 5.
  25. NFL team Favorite?

    New York Giants
  26. What game(s) are you most looking forward to in 2018?

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is what I'm looking forward for
  27. Name something you should never do naked

    Walking into a court house
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