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    Today we announce the 2017 Hall of Fame inductees and the two members who will be joining. These members truly inspire, speak, and act accordingly with Knowledge Strength and Integrity. KSI Nex Addo Nex Addo is currently the Director of Departments and has held many titles before and reached the rank of Co-Division Leader. He has been in KSI roughly 7 years and earned News Staff of the Year 3 times. He started off in the news team before furthering his time in web operation where he currently strives to push the best for KSI Global and looks for the departments to as well. KSI Grey Wolf 7 Grey Wolf started in early 2014 as a captain in Synthetic Reality then transferring as Founder to AD. Grey Wolf became Senior Director for his efforts in KSI and oversaw Wolf's Den (X360) after KSI went almost entirely Xbox One, being the only leadership present still on Xbox 360. Grey Wolf retired early in 2017 but we are still honoring his work with this induction. Congratulations to both on reaching the ultimate achievement. Thank you for your service to KSI.