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    Another chapter in KSI’s long history is closing with the retirement of our Executive Director, KSI Elderpoot 7. Many things can be said of his time in his KSI, of his legacy. He’s attained every rank that KSI offers and has executed his responsibilities in every measurable way. Hall of Fame member, Senior Director of more than 2,000 members, Director of Web Operations, and Senior Administrator where he played the pivotal role of making web operations relevant to the community again. I can list many more similar accolades, but one stands out. Some say a Leader is defined by those they have taught and guided. Using that metric, Elderpoot is defined by greatness. Multiple proteges of his are known as some of the best quality leaders KSI has seen. If you stack the achievements of Poot with the achievements of those he’s trained, there are few in 15 years of KSI who can compare. It's mostly common knowledge by now, but for those who don’t know, it was conversations between Poot and I that led to the last split of our community. We knew the risks involved, and I wasn’t convinced that they were worth the potential reward. But Poot convinced me. He envisioned a community where we brought the ethos of KSI to as many gamers as possible. A positive, fun, and safe place for anyone that needed it. Creating a community that was run with fairness, led by leaders who put the concerns and voices of the members first, above all else. He had more faith in KSI’s resilience than I did; he had more faith than anyone at the time. And, boy, was that faith well placed. He convinced me KSI had the potential to be greater than it ever was. Over the past two years as both Operations Director and Executive Director, Elderpoot has guided the community to create a culture and attitude that best benefits our members. He led the charge to make KSI more than a simple gaming community. He helped make KSI a family again. He instilled, from the lowest ranked private all the way to the Board a sense of belonging and inclusion. A community where in reality no member gets left behind, a principle KSI was founded on. I can say much and more about Poot, who’s become a close friend of mine. He’s the kind of leader that comes around very rarely. When I retired, Poot was my only choice as a replacement and that in and of itself speaks to my opinion of him. He guided and led KSI better than I ever could and I couldn’t be prouder of that fact. Poot left his mark on KSI’s history, a history that stretches back almost two decades. The impact he made won’t fade, his work has proven that. Poot, I know I speak for KSI as a whole when I say thank you for your service. It’s a debt that can never be repaid. KSI Kered 7 Owner of KSI Global Gaming