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    The saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome”, which means that there are various ways to arrive at a conclusion. In the past, KSI had the “It’s my way or the highway” mentality, but that seems to be less of an option these days. Members made sure of that by voicing their opinions. Currently, KSI is redoing its website, making new awards, focusing on adding new members to the Hall of Fame, revamping our Discord server, opening and modifying departments, and more. Since the change of board members, KSI hasn’t stopped moving - especially the members. So how does everyone feel now? One member says, “I like the new changes and environment that Vik is doing. I feel he needs to clean [the] house more and have more staff and [fewer] assistants if that makes sense. I do feel more bold moves need to be done in certain areas, and that comes with having a staff.” That’s not the only person to share this sentiment. “Everything seems to be going great really but I feel like we need to watch who is putting up above us all. Vik is awesome but I’m worried we have leaders who may be not working as hard.” Now, this may seem harsh as we do have leaders working around the clock, but it’s all on how we present the effort. So how do you clean staff without seeming like a dictator? That isn’t an easy task due to the fact that if too much shifting is made, members get antsy and worried. To accomplish staff changes it must be made open and done with one staff change at a time. It also means promoting members who are known in the community and are respected by the members. Not all members agree with the former statements, though. According to a different member, "I think this current leadership is the best leadership we have had since KSI split creating KN. I think this new generation of KSI will lead to many great things. I've been around KSI for a minute and have seen many leaders come and go and have full confidence in just about any leader within the community.” Another member states, “KSI is currently in a good state in terms of being ready for a successful future in growth. When I joined KSI in 2018, in late mid-September, felt KSI was [going] through an environmental change. In other words, KSI was going through a time where members were doing their own thing, where it came to a few not following policies, guidelines, procedures, etc. However, a few changes and rearrang[ments] have been made throughout the last year inside division/squads throughout KSI.” Some members are extremely critical of the current status of KSI. "KSI is currently working their way back on track to a successful community. This goal is highly represented by the PlayStation Division of KSI. The Xbox side who has their backs tighter against the wall from the past seems to be a bit further off the tracks. Although they are starting to glide into the position they seem to have a few obstacles within their ranks that hold them back. Outside of Division Operations, KSI seems to be behind the power curve in the Web Side. They are working on a new site and a new Discord set up, however, the Social Media’s are confusing and not advertised as much, and they have a lackluster stream environment that doesn’t seem to have a focus or guidance in a time when streaming has been the hottest." We are becoming more open and communicative and that is a vast improvement from some people I spoke too. “My General is so awesome! He talks to us pretty much every day when he gets online and jumps into parties with us” and “When I joined a couple of months ago all I ever heard from my mates were complaints from members about people not talking to them…. Right now I love this place and people are talking and now I hear fewer complaints.” This has to be music to the leaders’ ears since, according to the notes and memos posted, they are working on that as one of the main goals. So communication is a big key as we’ve all said in this community. So how do we address communication once again? We have to stop flirting with words and start just saying what we want to say. Stop being afraid of ridicule and uncomfortable topics, and start having open dialogue at all times. Go to the members more and stop making them come to yourself. Communication applies to everyone, not just leaders, and that is something every KSI member must come to as a conclusion to move forward. So what about quantity? As of the moment we have over 900 members including a handful of leaders, which again is another improvement from the last couple of years, and this is not something we can say was easily obtained. When asking some officers and generals, the consensus is generally good - stating that support from divisional leadership has vastly improved efforts as well as proper inter-squad activities. One ranking officer is quoted to say, “Don’t get me wrong it's great that we have bigger numbers; I just worry that we will forget others and fluff will come back.” That’s a concern for anyone who cares about our activity and numbers, which are not mutually exclusive. The idea of large amounts of fluff and forgetting some members is a long-standing history of KSI. This generation though seems to have a handle on the situation with following up with members not in meetings, asking what games they want to play nowadays, and reaching out for one-on-one conversations. So how does KSI achieve activity, high retention, overall happiness from its members? To achieve goals such as that we must allow freedom within the confines of our guidelines and opening up to possible failure and slower growth and by accepting we have a past but that doesn’t define the future. If all roads lead to Rome, then what path should we be on? We, as a community, ought to aim for the one that further embraces open communication and approaches possible setbacks with a goal-oriented mentality. A perfect KSI would have no infighting or squabbles, would have fast growth and high retention and activity. But no community nor person is perfect, and it’s reckless to strive for the impossible. That being said, we can get pretty close so long as we all work together.