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    Thanks for sharing this with King and myself! It's really exciting to be able to take a peek back at what KSI looked like at it's earliest stages
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    Halo 2 brought a different aspect to the table, the game was redefining the direction Xbox Live was going in. We made KSI work around it... things have changed through out the decades(that made me feel old) with communication tools.. we constantly adapted with them. The thing about the golden days is you're still in them now..... just with different prospective on what actual success is. As we used to say the next private could be the next CEO, that still applies now to whoever joined KSI yesterday. Whether it's a division leader, SGT, CEO, whatever.. YOU GUYS are the ones who impact/set the expectations as to what the next generation of members will consider to be the golden days of KSI. - As the oldies that you guys still seeing kickin around now will lecture different standards to what they considered successful based on what generation they came up under.. All that matters is ya'll never stop moving forward with trying to be beyond what you achieved yesterday.. so we can never stop having excuses for why we can't develop a better tomorrow.
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    lol ... mocking the phrasing of my message is not really appreciate but ok .... The idea of "old skool" v "modern day" has been an issue that lingered over any leader who didn't join up during the H2 era of KSI. It is about innovation and how to overcome and deal with people like me who will tell you things aren't the same as they were. Do some digging about KSI and you will find though what I mean ... KSI Events - 2005 ... https://forums.ksiglobal.com/gallery/category/3-ksi-events/?page=3 Now do we need more of SE7EN 7 standing with an Xbox 360 giveaway package in a hotel room to be a great community again? The answer is no. But look at the brotherhood among all of the members there who may have never met in person before that but were having the times of their lives because it meant something. I didn't join KSI until 2011, that era was long gone, so that memory of what we had was always there. Read from the leaders who define modern day KSI ... "Kered: You've been the leader and the owner of the forums since their conception. Which means you've seen many different eras and leadership on here. In your opinion, what was the Golden Age of the KSI forums and what made it such? JT (R00t Da3m0n): I can’t really declare any time a Golden Age. I think the needs of the community have fluctuated over time and we have continued to change. To answer your question though, I think the Halo 2 days were probably the most active days we had." ___________ Koda: "KSI has changed drastically over the years. When I joined KSI originally, it had a back-end infrastructure to support it. We utilized the forums for off-the-xbox chatting and discussion, and we utilized in-game clan battle features. The organization that was on Halo 2 was key. The support of clan battles within Halo 2, and the competitiveness between clans was really what allowed KSI to grow to the massive numbers it had. In-Game support allowed squads & divisions to be clearly defined across the game. Microsoft didn't jump on the "clan" feature, and ultimately, it was a letdown to communities like us, H20, PMS, MoB, XGN, XGC and the like. We were forced to adapt with Friends of Friends lists and other "outside the box" features. But that's just the technical side of it. Even more of a change is the behavioral side of the clan operations. Previously, the community ran with a sense of "respect" and "honor". Our members were proud to be a part of the community, and proud to be involved in something larger than themselves. They enjoyed going out every evening and bringing new people into their world, Their corner of the gaming globe. We respected those above us, we respected our peers, and we respected those below us. But where I look now, some of that sense of respect has been lost.” ___________ We had people posting topics all over the site about being an old skool member v new skool ... "After The loss of the uniforms of Halo 2, Ksi took a plunge into darkness for the most. We no longer had that Wow factor before the match and the loss of people on our teams left gaps that were rapidly becoming bigger. We lost many great leaders that became bored with the fact that KSI was becoming a drama pit with so many changes that no one could/wanted to keep up anymore. Divisions were abandoned, members left behind and no one was stepping up save the few that really clung to the old school way.. eventually things settled to where they are now.. A fraction of what we once were. Memories of greatness.." ___________ ....and that was 2013, still a number of years from today but yet it still was looking towards the past. During my active time in KSI I had some of the most memorable gaming experiences I think I ever had, because of the fact that I was in KSI. We were trying to innovate on the idea of people's pride. "As we all know, of the major things KSI stresses is the importance of a family type atmosphere in our community. Well I have come to an idea to help stress this point even more. This is going to take effort from every Division in order to work. We all know how effective game nights are to build chemistry within squads and divisions. Well let's take it up a notch. Once a day, every week, multiple members from MULTIPLE divisions will get together and just game. Doesn't matter what the game is, just as long as it's a multi player game and every can enjoy. This will not only give members a chance to game, a major purpose of KSI, but it will also break the tradition that you can only game with groups of members in your division. This will give members a chance to meet other people that they may not have had the chance to meet yet. This is all about making lasting friendships throughout KSI, and building a foundation of unity that we can build off of for future generations of KSI members. This will take everyone's help, hope you enjoy." ___________ We worked in the early part of my time in KSI to revive that pride and make something that everyone can enjoy and feel a part of. They could be of any generation, be of whatever rank, because at the end of the day we were priding ourselves of being a part of a community with such a vast history. Read some of the responses from these members, not just the important leaders / retired leaders. Read the real members posts... So what does that all mean at the end of the day... get what you want out of KSI. You do not need the old leaders to come back to take back the reigns because that is how this all repeats itself over and over and over again. I will say as someone looking outside, in, that where is that brotherhood from the Halo 2 era? What makes people stay? Join? Retain membership? Why care? Like I said all great things come to an end and I believe that to the fullest but that doesnt mean things can be changed to help delay that process. Get what you want out of the community and do the things you want. One day everyone can look back on their time active here and laugh at all the silly times and mistakes and joy they had.
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    Dont be forced to recruit, play the game and win, people will come to you