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  3. Hey all, I'm Caleb, aka KSI_Pathogens. I'm the current Director of Peer Support and a General over Olympia in Ancient Republic. I joined KSI back in June 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the KSI family. I've been in many different communities on various platforms, Blood Legion back in WoW, TF (Tribforce) back in CS 1.6 and source, and many others along the way. I am an avid FPS, MMORPG, And Strategy gamer with feats such as Master in Smite in season 1, eagle in CS GO, Plat in LoL, Plat Apex and ca few others.  I love the competitive scene but I like just playing for fun as well. If you ever need someone to chat with hit me up on discord KSI_Pathogens#1528 have a great day and a Merry Christmas 

  4. Thanks for sharing this with King and myself! It's really exciting to be able to take a peek back at what KSI looked like at it's earliest stages

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  11. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and more are fairly prevalent in the gaming community. The number of those who identify as such varies country to country, but a recent study by Gallup Poll in 2017 revealed that 4.5% of adults identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community in the United States. In the gaming world, there’s little data on how many people identify as such. Within KSI, the data is entirely unrecorded and largely unknown, but there are those who are open about their LGBTQ+ status. Modern video games and development studios have a larger population of LGBTQ+ characters and employees than in previous decades, in which the population was considered to be slim to nonexistent. Gamesradar’s Sam Greer wrote that only 179 video games commercially released had LGBTQ+ representation. Of these, only 87 had playable characters with only 8 featuring a non-hetero main character. While at first glance that seems like a high number, it’s actually quite small when taking into account the 1,181,019 video games that exist. When it comes to KSI, the experience in modern times is quite different from years past. More than half polled have had positive experiences about coming out as part of the LGBT community. One member shares, “I’m gay, and when I came out, I thought it would be a huge deal because gamers are [jerks] and don’t accept us at all. In KSI, it is so much different! My squad at the time was accepting, and we all talked about our personal lives and it didn’t matter that I was into men.” The insight of older members, however, shows a slight shift in that experience such as issues that come up or phrases and comments being used that aren’t acceptable. One such member says, “I am gay, and older than most members here… I’ve had to remind my fellow KSI members that you cannot use the word ‘fag’ and [such], that I don’t want to hear that and it’s immature. I’ve gotten a laugh from it or been told I only find it offensive because I like it.” Unfortunately, that behavior was much more common in the past, but, as KSI has progressed in the last five years, it’s been reinforced how members should be accepting of all. Former members who were openly part of the LGBTQ+ community also tend to agree that the current generation seems to be more accepting and hopes that it doesn’t go backwards. One game that broke several barriers in this field is the Mass Effect series. It allowed gamers to play Commander Shepard as either homosexual or heterosexual. It was not just a hinted nuance like so many other games but actually allowed players to romance certain characters leading to a full relationship. Some scenes were risque while others were standard relationship cutscenes. Mass Effect even allowed Shepard to not participate in any relationship, instead exist and build friendships with others. The game also broke barriers with NPCs also being in multifaceted relationships, pushed as part of the importance of the character and less of a footnote. For example, an Asari would be considered to be in a lesbian relationship as part of their matriarchal society. As one member states regarding the acceptance of LGBTQ+ persons, “I feel, with the spread of the internet and online texting apps like Discord and Kik and how accepting a lot of communities are, it provides people to express themselves and offer a safe space with people who are a part of the community.” As more persons in the LGBTQ+ community continue to publicly identify, it’s becoming more of a reality that the gaming world is adapting and creating more opportunities for proper representation. And, if KSI continues to educate itself in this realm, it could become a cornerstone for gaming communities for the LGBTQ+ world.
  12. The saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome”, which means that there are various ways to arrive at a conclusion. In the past, KSI had the “It’s my way or the highway” mentality, but that seems to be less of an option these days. Members made sure of that by voicing their opinions. Currently, KSI is redoing its website, making new awards, focusing on adding new members to the Hall of Fame, revamping our Discord server, opening and modifying departments, and more. Since the change of board members, KSI hasn’t stopped moving - especially the members. So how does everyone feel now? One member says, “I like the new changes and environment that Vik is doing. I feel he needs to clean [the] house more and have more staff and [fewer] assistants if that makes sense. I do feel more bold moves need to be done in certain areas, and that comes with having a staff.” That’s not the only person to share this sentiment. “Everything seems to be going great really but I feel like we need to watch who is putting up above us all. Vik is awesome but I’m worried we have leaders who may be not working as hard.” Now, this may seem harsh as we do have leaders working around the clock, but it’s all on how we present the effort. So how do you clean staff without seeming like a dictator? That isn’t an easy task due to the fact that if too much shifting is made, members get antsy and worried. To accomplish staff changes it must be made open and done with one staff change at a time. It also means promoting members who are known in the community and are respected by the members. Not all members agree with the former statements, though. According to a different member, "I think this current leadership is the best leadership we have had since KSI split creating KN. I think this new generation of KSI will lead to many great things. I've been around KSI for a minute and have seen many leaders come and go and have full confidence in just about any leader within the community.” Another member states, “KSI is currently in a good state in terms of being ready for a successful future in growth. When I joined KSI in 2018, in late mid-September, felt KSI was [going] through an environmental change. In other words, KSI was going through a time where members were doing their own thing, where it came to a few not following policies, guidelines, procedures, etc. However, a few changes and rearrang[ments] have been made throughout the last year inside division/squads throughout KSI.” Some members are extremely critical of the current status of KSI. "KSI is currently working their way back on track to a successful community. This goal is highly represented by the PlayStation Division of KSI. The Xbox side who has their backs tighter against the wall from the past seems to be a bit further off the tracks. Although they are starting to glide into the position they seem to have a few obstacles within their ranks that hold them back. Outside of Division Operations, KSI seems to be behind the power curve in the Web Side. They are working on a new site and a new Discord set up, however, the Social Media’s are confusing and not advertised as much, and they have a lackluster stream environment that doesn’t seem to have a focus or guidance in a time when streaming has been the hottest." We are becoming more open and communicative and that is a vast improvement from some people I spoke too. “My General is so awesome! He talks to us pretty much every day when he gets online and jumps into parties with us” and “When I joined a couple of months ago all I ever heard from my mates were complaints from members about people not talking to them…. Right now I love this place and people are talking and now I hear fewer complaints.” This has to be music to the leaders’ ears since, according to the notes and memos posted, they are working on that as one of the main goals. So communication is a big key as we’ve all said in this community. So how do we address communication once again? We have to stop flirting with words and start just saying what we want to say. Stop being afraid of ridicule and uncomfortable topics, and start having open dialogue at all times. Go to the members more and stop making them come to yourself. Communication applies to everyone, not just leaders, and that is something every KSI member must come to as a conclusion to move forward. So what about quantity? As of the moment we have over 900 members including a handful of leaders, which again is another improvement from the last couple of years, and this is not something we can say was easily obtained. When asking some officers and generals, the consensus is generally good - stating that support from divisional leadership has vastly improved efforts as well as proper inter-squad activities. One ranking officer is quoted to say, “Don’t get me wrong it's great that we have bigger numbers; I just worry that we will forget others and fluff will come back.” That’s a concern for anyone who cares about our activity and numbers, which are not mutually exclusive. The idea of large amounts of fluff and forgetting some members is a long-standing history of KSI. This generation though seems to have a handle on the situation with following up with members not in meetings, asking what games they want to play nowadays, and reaching out for one-on-one conversations. So how does KSI achieve activity, high retention, overall happiness from its members? To achieve goals such as that we must allow freedom within the confines of our guidelines and opening up to possible failure and slower growth and by accepting we have a past but that doesn’t define the future. If all roads lead to Rome, then what path should we be on? We, as a community, ought to aim for the one that further embraces open communication and approaches possible setbacks with a goal-oriented mentality. A perfect KSI would have no infighting or squabbles, would have fast growth and high retention and activity. But no community nor person is perfect, and it’s reckless to strive for the impossible. That being said, we can get pretty close so long as we all work together.
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  15. Hall of Fame is not easy to achieve but is achievable for some. In fact, there are roughly 100 current members who are recognized in the Hall of Fame out of the thousands of members who have walked through the doors of KSI. Each member has done something to push KSI into other levels, has been selfless, and given vast time to KSI. The following THREE members of KSI have been selected to be possibly added to the Hall of Fame. We will only be sharing a few details of information about the three. KSI Miagi 7 - Miagi helped create the newest KSI CMS and helped further KSI efforts in clan management. Miagi was apart of the Research & Development team before it was disbanded and continues to this day to support Web Operations. KSI Obsidian 7 - Obsidian has been in KSI for a long time and while a short period of time he wasn’t in KSI his ideas and policies continued to be apart of KSI. His leadership played a key role in the success of LE which has been considered to be a prestigious division in KSI. KSI Viktory 7 - Viktory has reached the role of Executive Director becoming our third one in which before he was the Education Director revamping the department to today’s current format. He continued to lead and build the PSN division after the KN split. Potential Hall of Fame inductees are selected and researched by the committee members, they could be recommendations from other members old or new. All the names are what we call “thrown into the ring”, which means they will be debated on by all the committee members on whether what they have done for KSI are worthy of the Hall of Fame. Each potential inductee receives 24 hours of debate by the committee at which time the Division Leaders of KSI is brought in as spectators to ensure debates are unbiased and accurate. After every name who has been thrown into the ring has had debates, the Chair of the committee reviews all debates and selects 1 – 3 names to move forwards. These 1 – 3 names are then voted on by the committee and receiving a simple majority of the votes allows them to move forward to the next steps. After the committee phase, these members will then have to attend a Town Hall where the community will question them and get to know them. This will allow these members to get exposure across the community and share what they have done for KSI. The community will then get to vote in an open poll on whether they are worthy of the high honor. The final stage of the process is the debate between the Owners of KSI, JT, and Kered. They will look at the nominations put forward by the committee and the vote by the community, then make the final decision on whether these members are inducted. A ceremony will then take place and will include events like interviews with leaders who have made the Hall of Fame, speeches, giveaways, and finally the Chairman will officially induct the new members of the Hall of Fame.
  16. Written by KSI Hitman00 Edited by KSI New Blue A Division inside of any community is only as strong as its leadership at the Squad levels. The job comes with a lot of stress, patience, determination, and grit. These are qualities all found in the squads in this community, not just Fallen Angels’. I sat down with two of the newest rising leaders of this Division in order to get their perspective on what it takes to be a leader and what kind of style they bring to the table. They both gave refreshing perspectives on what it means to be a leader and what it takes to get there. KSI New Blue Is the General of Hades. He has a reputation of being a leader who breaks away from the status quo and maintains an excellent relationship with his members. He has been back in KSI Clan Operations for only three months now after a brief hiatus to Web Operations but already has made his mark in squad and divisional operations with the most meteoric rise to the General rank I have seen in my five years in Community Operations. Thanks for sitting down with me. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to make a move into a Major or General spot? Blue: Never give up! No matter how many times you get angry, set back, or let down, DO NOT give up. You never know when your lucky break will be. Take it from me. Don’t be the quitter! Be the one who always gets back up and fights. This position obviously maintains a lot of stress as you are in charge of anywhere between 40 and 60 members. What advice would you give when it comes to handling that stress? Blue: Lean on those you respect. Showing weakness to your higher ups might seem like an awful idea. It sounds scary and embarrassing, but really it’s showing how courageous you are. Get help when you need it. The Div staff is always there to assist you whenever you need it. Regarding leadership styles, we know there are multiple. In your opinion which leadership style seems to be the most successful in this community? Blue: I think members respond really well to people that they can game and have fun with, as simple as it sounds. Everybody loves the people they can stay up till 1 am laughing their butts off with. Most importantly, make your members feel at home. If you don’t see them for a few days, ask how they’re doing! I think it’s that simple. Next, I interviewed WarMaster, Newly promoted Major of Rapture. He has been in KSI for about 6 months now and has a reputation as one of the fairest leaders in Squad Operations. Thank you for your time. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to make a move into a Major or General spot? WarMaster: Alright, well I guess a big thing is building confidence in yourself and your abilities. If people have eyes on you for Major, or even if they don’t, grow in confidence that you have something important and valuable to give to better help your squad. Another thing would be to keep your motives and priorities straight so you can steer clear of going for Major only for the position but to go for Major so that you can better help your squadmates and the experience of KSI for normal members. This position obviously maintains a lot of stress as you are in charge of anywhere between 40 and 60 members. What advice would you give when it comes to handling that stress? WarMaster: It depends on what is causing the stress. A lot of times it’s from being overwhelmed with decisions and work for the squad, but the best way to help with that is to always ask for guidance and help from others. As Major, you have a General and Co Founder right above you who were in your position not too long ago. They are there to help you and can help you make decisions and help with the workload if need be. Also, just having your officer core help where needed to take some pressure off of you. Regarding leadership styles, we know there are multiple. In your opinion which leadership style seems to be the most successful in this community? WarMaster: To me, the most valuable asset is making connections and gaining assets. Basically, just making friends and connections so that you always have people to help you out in times of need for various things. And, it makes things easier and less stressful when dealing with other leaders in the community when you at least remotely know each other rather than knowing *of* each other. Also, one thing that is taught in Officer 101 that is very valuable, is [that] to be a good leader you need to be a good follower. Basically, just being able to understand and follow the leaders above you to set an example for the members and officers below you. Being a leader in this community is worth so much more than just a rank behind your name. It’s knowing that you have people who look up to you to make decisions on a day-to-day basis as well as molding and guiding the future of this community. These two leaders hold in their hands the key to the future of the community and the division itself. Your job as a leader in this community is to shape the future of the community and these two guys are doing a very excellent job with it. I look forward to seeing the future of Fallen Angels and it’s all because of the leadership and guidance of leaders like New Blue and WarMaster. Until next time, long live FA and long live KSI.
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  18. The dust has settled for KSI and now it’s time to build! The KSI Board has elected two new members into their ranks. Congratulations to KSI Nex Addo and KSI_Obsidian_7! Nex Addo first joined KSI in 2009 into KGB Division. He’s currently the Wiki Team Lead and News Team Lead. He was inducted into the KSI Hall of Fame in 2017. Obsidian_7 first joined KSI in 2005 into Lost Empire. He’s currently a Co-Founder in Atlantis Rising, the PS4 Division. He’s also in the Education Department and Wiki Team. What do you want to say to the members of KSI who may not know you two that well? I'm sure some people are asking, "Who are these people?” Nex Addo: I want the members to know I'm not just an old relic sitting on the shelf who comes back when they want but a member like themselves in this community. I take what I do seriously for them and I want them to be open, critical, and understanding when they reach out to or however they feel. I'm here for them to hear them out and assist them. I've been doing this for a long while and I've had my failures and my successes and I want people to learn from mine and grow on their own. KSI is doing this together! Obsidian_7: Like Nex Addo I want members to understand that we are here for them. We want to hear and engage in healthy debates that will help us, the board, understand what the community needs in order to keep on striving forward. I have been in this community, this home, since 2005 and we all want the same thing, a safe place to game, learn and teach. My door is always open to those who need to be heard and I will always have the time to listen to what the needs are for the community. I take great pride in every aspect of my life and KSI is no different. As long as we continue to work together, grow and learn KSI will be here to stay. What exactly do you two bring to a Board in 2020? Both of you only returned to active roles this year after a lengthy retirement. Nex Addo: In my opinion, I bring quite a lot.. During my retirement and before it I held different titles but I was the Program Director of a LGBTQ Group in the city. I've also been studying more Public Relations topics and studying in a noncollege aspect. I've done quite a bit, I would say, in my time off. But, my return didn't come without concerns and long conversations Obsidian_7: As for myself, what I believe I can bring to the table is just a few different things. The board as it stands has many talented leaders with different leadership skills and it is vital that when they elect new members they have something different to offer. Before my retirement I was the division leader of LE and that experience in itself, though it was not my first time being a division leader, taught me a lot and how to be more grounded. Coming back to KSI and working my way back up the ranks instead of asking or demanding rank has given me the opportunity to see what is actually happening currently in the community. Something I believe the board recognized and considered when nominating me to be on the board. With nearly 800 people recruited this year so far, it's safe to say KSI is experiencing some pretty crazy growth. What do you think brought this success and how can we keep the momentum? Nex Addo: The fact of the matter is we are here because of the efforts of every member who is here. Even the ones who do not recruit. We must understand the reason we are here is because of their effort. The reason for this growth boom we will call it is only recent and a common history for KSI. The numbers mean a lot when it comes to the effort of recruiting but the effort of maintaining is where it's at. Can we keep these numbers and limit fluff to less than 1 percent is the real task. Which will mean events planned by our leaders. Obsidian_7: The amount of growth we have been experiencing especially recently is due to everyone really working together and understanding a common goal for this community. With the right leaders in the right place being directed by upper leadership things tend to fall in place really. Recruitment is just only one part of making this growth a successful growth. Maintaining a high retention rate is just as important. Especially if we want to see more events or tournaments for our members. Which leader of the newer generation has earned your respect? Where do you feel they exceed expectations? Nex Addo: KSI_Ronald7 has really earned my respect and I see him doing big things! He’s a good tempered and thoughtful leader. I can not wait to see what he brings to the table. Obsidian_7: I am going to have to say KSI_Kimber 7. That guy has worked hard to get where he is at now. He took charge of Awoken when his old squad leaders left and he kept at it till Awoken split. He is able to take constructive criticism and adapt his leadership style to fit any situation. With him being promoted to founder very recently it won't be long till we see him bringing a bigger impact to AR and the community! Would you give us a sneak peek into what you two hope to achieve for KSI while serving? Nex Addo: A sneak peek? Ok well, honestly I'm looking to help bridge some communication between Web and Clan Operations. While it's not obvious we could better our talks and that's no one in particular fault but it is something us leaders, including myself as News Lead, need to address sooner than later. I also want to help get Web Ops to talk more amongst ourselves. I believe that communication is key to ALL OF KSI success. My other plans are to start working on promoting events and assisting the teams that are involved need to create clan-wide events.I also have to agree with Obsidian on helping us address arcane rules and guidelines. Obsidian_7: Well for myself there are a lot of things I would like to achieve with my time on the board. The most important one for me is being a voice for everyone in the community. Share their thoughts and opinions with the board and bring up their proposals. Though there are other things I'd like to do as well personally, like focusing on changing some old bylaws and introducing new helpful policies or things of the sort. KSI is moving forward in a very positive way and all I'd like to do is help keep that momentum going.

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  21. Dear White People (Movie & Netflix Series) WARNING: Nudity, Language, Drugs, and much much more Dear White People is considered to be a controversial series and movie as some have claimed its an attack on white people. It set on a group of people of color in a predominantly white college facing modern race relations. While some of it seems far fetched on the plot it’s not far from real-life situations and has an in-your-face method and how they are addressed to a resolution if one exists. This is a must-watch if you are willing to have an open mind but also understanding that you may have some ideas of how you can personally adjust your own life and choices towards others. Ghost in the Shell (Anime Movie & TV Series) WARNING: Partial Nudity, Language, Drugs, Violence, and much more Ghost in the Shell in my personal opinion and quite a lot of those in the anime community believe this is a classic and all should watch at least once. The movie and shows are not set for those doing other **** while watching as you will need to pay attention. You can actually watch the first movie called Ghost in the Shell on most services and be rented or bought. The TV Series is MUCH harder to find and if you have an XBOX, it is on the marketplace. It set in the near future after many wars and humanity has mostly been cyberized. The main protagonists are a group of police called, Public Security Section 9 an anti-terrorism unit. The two major cases of the TV Series are Individual Eleven and Laughing Man. If you are just wanting to watch tv this would be great and will take some time to take in. Tuca & Bertie (Netflix Series) WARNING: Partial Nudity, Language, and a few other things Tuca & Bertie is set with anthropomorphic animals addressing everyday issues including unwanted sexual advances, female inequality, job, life, and really quite a bit more. The characters are two women in which one works a full-time job trying to obtain a promotion while navigating the corporate career ladder and misogyny in life, the other is free-spirited not believing in the corporate world but helps address her own issues with identity and relationships. The way this show addresses every topic is amazing with both jokes and possible real-life resolutions. Unforuntantly it was cut after the first season but it is a much watch! Nailed It! (Netflix Series) Nailed It! It is great for the WHOLE FAMILY! Amateur bakers get on the show to recreate creations presented to them and let us just warn you nothing is as good as the original. One of the best parts of this series is Nicole Byer the hilarious host. If you are thinking it then she is going to say it. She has no care in the world about making jokes about what we are watching throughout each episode. Nothing is funnier than watching people attempt to bake. My Hero Academia (Anime TV Series) Who doesn’t love watching heroes and villains fighting it out over the future of the world? Well, this show is a bit different. The series is set around students and teachers who have “quirks” otherwise known as superhuman powers while the students are learning how to control them. The main protagonist is our young student who has been chosen to be the next top rated hero. We follow how he is getting there while battling villains wishing to stop him and others from toppling their plans. The show can be found both in Dubbed and Subbed versions depending on the version you prefer.
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