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  1. Aight man I will. Yeah I know they have, I see you're a bigshot in KSI now =P

  2. Haha what'sup dude??? It's been forever. Yeah, I was trying to figure out who you were ;)

  3. Not much man! I'm just tired from work and school. My life is extremely busy so I barely ever have time to get on live anymore.

  4. lol cool i've been in a KC-135 and a C-130 also

  5. What do you mean by that? You may be Army Strong but i'm Air Force smart =) lol. i've already been in a Blackhawk Chopper anyways.

  6. the Air Force pays for eye surgery if you don't have 20/20 vision. and yes I do btw but who knows when i'm older.

  7. Yeah I know the Army one is harder. but I wanna fly planes when i'm older so this is the one for me. yeah our boot camp was run by the Marines and Army. it was extremely hard.

  8. I take Air Force ROTC and you get promotions by passing Physical Fitness tests. Leadership and Aerospace tests. also Emergency Services training. Have you been to Boot Camp yet?

  9. Cadet Chief Master Sergeant lol i'll have my 2nd LT soon... I still got my 5 page essay to do ='[

  10. New gamertag =P add me its KillerLukeX

  11. ive been on live alot!!!! it just im getting relly tired of owning noobs =P

  12. my new account is KillerLukeX

  13. do people live in igloos up there ?=P


  15. no your horrible and so is canada :P

  16. lol im sending you a friend request =P

  17. i see that by your pic =P