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  1. Im good trying to get my internet back up and runing but how are u in this fine world of KSI

  2. I love your new sig with ur name I want 1

  3. your picture was it taken in an IHOP looks like one i worked at

  4. it goes good just busy with everything FD lol

  5. lol oh shut up im gonna be 23 this year but i hope you had or r having a great birthday

  6. i saw it was your birthday or so it says so I wanted to say happy 21st birthday

  7. okay i just answered some of my own questions reading your about me :)

  8. lol yeah i droped by didnt think to leave a comment did you just add that to your about me lol

  9. hi i just had to say how cute your avatar is :)

  10. Hi stopped in and saw you have to comment yourself lol so I decided to say hi

  11. lol im so spacie got alot going on um...no i do all this off my G1 phone dont have a computer when I have my phone :)can i just send it in a message when I find something I would like?