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  1. www.marathongamers.org New Website being built!

  2. http://marathongamers.org/ New website! You can now REGISTER! And COMMENT! lol MG forum coming soon for non KSI peoples.
  3. In contact with the American Cancer Society! Working to become an official event for them! Go Marathon Gamers!

  4. From the album: All About D V-Dubbin'

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  5. I miss Obey too, wish there was a legit reason to ban him

  6. If he hasn't been around since last night, Shido is alive. The big tornado last night came through BHAM, I was fortunate to be out of it's way, but Shido is safe!

  7. Is now officially unemployed....

    1. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      damn that sucks Ace.

    2. KSI Eureka

      KSI Eureka

      ...that means more KSI time!Party!

    3. KSI Ace 7

      KSI Ace 7

      Or could mean even less....with no bill money...I had a crazy idea to work for KSI making a weekly project thing...but I don't think the man upstairs would agree to it lol


  8. Oh nothing...nothing....hmph!

  9. Marathon Gamers events, Marathon Tournaments, and now working along side Obey in productions on FNF and a secret project to be started very soon. My plate is finally half full!

  10. Oh I get it...I see I see.....

  11. But not the awesome blue...