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  1. MANUAL!!! :) i love you. yay. :)

  2. KSI ReK305


    watch out Itz the killer Frog. lol
  3. i'm back ;) .. lol .

  4. just seeing who this is.. :)

  5. (cartman voice) its my computer i do what i want.. lol

  6. (cartman voice)its my computer i do what i want.. lol..

  7. Welcome to the forums..

  8. i just saw u online yesterday

  9. robinnn.. lol stop talking to urself.. lol

  10. i don't know you but i heard you say today was your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  11. hello ms naughty :) hope you having fun

  12. Welcome to my own piece of the forums :)

  13. Happy birthday capstone.. hope to see you on H2 sometime.. we still have you in thymine :)