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  1. Sapo Verde to you!

  2. That my friend is called, dedication.

  3. Six

    Yeah don't worry about it. - I catch up with you later Nine.

  4. Six

    Six - SE7EN - Nine - Theres got to be someone who want's to be 8. Take one for the team!

  5. You all ready know man

  6. Not much man, just waiting to see if I can really get back into this KSI business.

  7. Yes the ring is very real, it's my class ring.

  8. I like your name good sir.

  9. Yeah, It's from Jostens

  10. Six

    I was so intrested in the simple name, I had to check it out. - But my name is Six, I am a pro streaker. I enjoy playing drums and raking

  11. Who is this? [important]

    If you made the message worth reading I would have cheaked it out.

  12. I didn;t know you could put your pictures in the comment boxes.

  13. I <3 You

    And Happy Birthday Foo

  14. Red = Administrator

    Blue = Global Moderator

    Cyan = Forum Moderator

  15. White = Senior Director

    Black = Director

  16. Life is fashishous.

    I am HAPPY!

  17. I don't know - My cat would probly get hungry during the match....You know how it is.

  18. Six

    Sup dude - I think spartan is ready for a leader...What do you think?

  19. Some guy named murph....He is probly from Boston.

  20. Ohhh....The P90 Queen? - So who is the King....?