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  1. Can you give me the link to that sig?

  2. ive been in a chinook helicopter.

  3. What my LTC says about the air force is, you get military benefits without ever joining the military.

  4. do you have 20/20 vision, you need that to fly jets, unless you want to fly helicopters.

  5. You know the Army PT test is harder then the Air Force one. I have gone to JCLC, which is a leadership summer camp, and it was run by all retired military NCOs and COs.

  6. Two things, what branch is your ROTC, Im Army, and second, how do you get promotions, at my school the first sargent and LTC give out the promotions by watching you and seeing how dedicated you are and your leadership skills.

  7. my post count is 1,444, and my goal is to catch volcom of getting 12 post a day, I only got 7 post a day. :(

  8. Your taking ROTC, whats your rank? Im a 2nd LT :P

  9. well thats were the whole, never forget comes in.

  10. I agree with you on the GGN point :o, we shouldnt let them in, but o well, they say, forgive but never forget.

  11. lol, im such a good inspiration, im, now going to quote vapor ''stop posting everywhere dog, its annyoing'' lol.

  12. I see you have Loc from Lost, hooah.

  13. ooo fuzzymeep I see your spamming the divisions like I am :)

  14. you in firestorm division?

  15. lol, its not that easy to keep a 7.56 post per day count, :P

  16. DAEMON, I miss you on the LS forum, where you go hun :*(

  17. Im doing good, thanks for asking, I see your coming to FL for vacation, its hot down here -_-.

  18. lol pika getting chainsawed!

  19. dude, your really lucky you re-joined KSI when you did, the courts have a no tolerance policy now for GGN, its a NO for every GGN case.

  20. Welcome to the News Team, new media consultant/editor!

  21. ill gladly take that 100,000, and ill have gem come over your house and love you :P kk lol

  22. oo midjets, if your giving out forum points, ill happily take them and wove you forever <3