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  1. Hey man nice sig for DeathEater..

  2. Im doin good.. thanks for askin Princess

  3. Im doin good.. thanks for askin Princess

  4. You will be Pinklisted!!

  5. Wats that suppose to mean?

  6. Welcome to SR, Glad to see you on the forums and if you need any help just let me know..

  7. Hey wats up Panda... Need any help just let me know

  8. Oh I see you dont leave me a comment... hmm true friend.

  9. K, thanks. Im pretty sure he use to be on my friends list but I havent seen him on here in a long time so Ill just look for someone else. Thanks anyways!

  10. Lol, I thought I spammed a lot... 254 post in one day. NICE!!!

  11. Hey Slayeer, do you think you could tell me who put the text in your top sig. because i have something similar to that in mine but the quality is not as good.

  12. Wats up Manic, havent seen you on here in forever...

  13. lol, wheres it say that at?