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  1. don't ever send me this again

  2. not much just chillin and workin at recruiting at the same time

  3. oh yeah if u know of anyone that can make me a sweet COD 5 sig I would like 2 know. I also want one like the one you have that is just your name. I also want to run a respected players listg on my page. i am not 2 computer savy so I need some help.

  4. Hey there AK I need to know how I can get access to Cartel as well I have Spartan but i need Cartel so that I can get all the info possible to update our status and be able to communicate to them as they transfer over.

  5. while if I knew what I am supposed to do and what all the rules r I think I would better understand what is going on plus trackstar helped with tryouts and I lost my notebook with the results of the team members that made it so I am totally lost I tried to get a hold of him but to no avail. Honestly I think I should be demoted for this lack of effort. I don't feel that I have all the necessa

  6. no man but why do u ask??? Oh yeah grape drinks are awesome, same with pittbulls, cars are interesting to and getting money is also cool.

  7. Shooters mostly and rpgs but I am pretty open to play anything if I own it and can have a good time playing it.

  8. thanks its good to be here

  9. hey i'm looking for someone to check out my name I changed it to KSI Mikado1977. Now i need to change my rank

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    KSI Mikado1977

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