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  1. Leaders Tip of the Day: 8-3-11Sometimes you gotta let people figure things out on their own, handle their own drama, and not put all that extra food on your plate… That way you have more room for desert…

  2. NOTICE: I will be hosting the General and Up Halo: Reach swat team tryouts on Saturday, July 30th at roughly 7:00pm est... Anyone who is interested in joining, feel free to shoot me a message, comment below, or just join session in progress when the time comes.... Thanks, KSI Rebellion 7

  3. Need your help... I am looking for a picture someone posted on facebook the other month...Its a tattoo design... A Nautical Star (otherwise known as the champion symbol) with gears on the inside... It's red and black... Please, if you know anything about the person who posted it or the design itself, comment, private message, or just get in contact with me somehow... Thanks much...

  4. Leaders Tip of the Day: 7-12-11Work not to surpass others, nor the glory of fame, but rather for yourself... Careful not to reach the point of arrogance... Do it for the feeling of accomplishment, not the feeling as though your better then others...

  5. wheres my family at, cause I really need you all right now...

  6. you need to get 10 non-spam posts

  7. how is my jiggy doing...?!

  8. Just woke up from a zombie dream... In the future, if producers ever come out with a 4D zombie movie, I refuse to go...

  9. meh, fair enough... glad your doing great and concrats on the promotion to a general...

  10. hello, hows jigjay doing...?

  11. KSI Rebellion 7


    Looks Amazing, how long did it take to get it done...?!
  12. feels good inside knowing so many people give a crap... thanks to everyone for the support...

    1. KSI Luci Lux 7

      KSI Luci Lux 7

      Thats What Friends Are for Rebe....Duh :P

    2. ksixborn2killx3


      what happen ksixxicemanxx


  13. "I only hate the majority..." - KSI Rebellion 7

  14. pssssst, what are you pointing at...?

  15. psssst, what are you pointing at...?

  16. Life is far too important a thing to ever talk seriously about...

    1. Holland Novak

      Holland Novak

      that honestly depends who your talking to it about

  17. Leader Tip of the Day: 03-24-11Sometimes you just need to reflect on yourself... Come up with a list of what your good at and what you can improve on... Now work on what ever is on that list...

  18. Leader Tip of the Day: 03-24-11 Sometimes you just need to reflect on yourself... Come up with a list of what your good at and what you can improve on... Now work on what ever is on that list...

  19. Leader Tip of the Day: 03-18-11No one can do everything by themselves... A good leader accepts that team work is needed and sometimes you have to come to a compromise...

  20. Friday Night Fights are back...! This Friday March 18, 2011 get your team of 4 together on Black Ops to battle against other parts of KSI and even other communities...! Each gamer on the winning team will recieve 1600 Microsoft Points...! Once you have a team together message KSI Tex 7 or myself (KSI Rebellion 7)

  21. Leader Tip of the Day: 03-14-11When recruiting, recruit for a friend, not a number... You never know, that private you got yesterday could be the next general of your squad...

  22. Leader Tip of the Day: 03-10-11No matter what rank you are there will always be something new to learn... I know I personally learn new things everyday and not only from my superiors but from those members below me as well...

    1. KSI Luci Lux 7

      KSI Luci Lux 7

      <_<....lol what have i taught you? you the one teaching me...
  23. Leader Tip of the Day: 03-07-11Being a leader in the KSI Global Gaming Community can become extremely stressful... Part of being a leader you need to learn how to manage this extra stress... Each person will have their own ways of coping... Suggestion, figure out a healthy way that works for you...!

    1. Holland Novak
    2. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      True, that is definetly true for anyone in the role of the leader within their division or their squad.