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  1. Fail!!! You stop by my account leave a damn messsage aka comment.

  2. I saw that in one of your post! Thank you

  3. LOL, it's just a history of my gaming life lol

  4. Put your photo on photobucket.com and you will get a url

  5. Once you unlock it go to your controls and look on the right hand side and look for edit signature.

  6. Welcome and your welcome

  7. ALRIGHT FINE HI! Actually i was stopping by everyones pages lol.

  8. I can't believe you actually wrote all of that... and your right, i stopped after the 3rd sentence lol.

  9. Don't forget to get me the info for GB

  10. hey sorry that i havent seen you guys in a while. I am just in this rock band kick right now. I LOVE MUSIC! rock on! I will try and get on tonight to play with you guys. You really gotta listen to this song that i am listening to right now. "New kid in school" by The Donnas


  12. hey whats up, I think that I met you on COD waw. (PMS Saint)

  13. Oh,..... I knew that lol not

  14. I fingered out how to leave comments..... I am use to the "Other" site (PMS) where you just leave one in the middle of there profile. LOL anyways!, THank you for the help into KSI. You are AWESOME.... (Mind of Mencia) LOL nevermind if you don't get it.

  15. So, I heard through the grapevine that you have millions of points. Can I have some, I would like to have an avatar and sig