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  1. well i never got one. my sis might of ****ed with it. but its all good now :) you have not been on yahoo or anything so i thought you got mad at me or something. im sorry i was inda *****y :) will you please forgive me

  2. if i didnt have music i would go crazy

  3. nothing much. being bored >:(

  4. omfg! it SOOO is. thats crazy...never thought about it like that. lol.

  5. yeah i know. i dont think -if i could even grow one- i could rock a beard anyways

    :( my face is shaped to funny

  6. lol...my job is to please:D

  7. you should name it. that would be just to cool. if i could grow a beard and rock it like you i would name it

  8. i came...

    i saw....

    i left a comment...


  9. you have by far the most awesome shaved head i have ever freaking seen!

  10. I dig your beard! WOO WOO. its bad as*

  11. bella mort

    Picture 56.jpg

    From the album: the "rawrness" of it all

  12. bella mort

    the "rawrness" of it all

  13. bella mort

    Picture 61.jpg

    From the album: the "rawrness" of it all

  14. well the more hicks you have around the more you are gona find em. at least the ones in cali are like bad butt stoner bro gansters. here they are just straight up like...idk...the are nasty here. all cracked out and ****

  15. wow your about be made me laugh my butt off. I come from california and i know all kinda of wangsters (white gansters) and what you said is sooooo true. ahahah good one man.

  16. I would just like to take this time sto say that...i can whoop your butt at call of duty: WaW. SO HA!

  17. bella mort

    Picture 15.jpg

    From the album: the "rawrness" of it all

  18. bella mort


    From the album: the "rawrness" of it all

  19. bella mort


    From the album: the "rawrness" of it all

  20. sweet ill add you right now. then we can call of duty it up or something some time