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  1. i know that for a fact.

  2. yer gonna text or call me and ill get chaarrgeeed

  3. If i give it cant do much haha im going to get charged for long distance text and calls :(

  4. Woww thats noooooooooot coooool.

  5. they said you were banned? your profile is sex :D

  6. Krackiee = RawrHater

  7. NEVAAR!!

    fine i accept defeat :)

  8. <33

    double the heart i win :P

  9. ill have your babies :P

  10. -sadface- or .. -happyface-

    sorta lost atm but yay :D

  11. 8 months in counting ! :P

  12. Need to make them first :P

  13. DorkzIsABadKid<3

    1. DRKZ.


      How come I just saw this? -___- I ****ing love you too. <3