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  1. RT @ovoclinny_mac: Anybody you fw after me is wack.

  2. I’m really lonely asf lmao

  3. @L_Z_A Where tf you been at lmaoo

  4. The last person I talked to was really a waste of time tbh

  5. RT @Pryde: Momma’s Boy March 30 ~ New Merch February was a crazy month for me. It took me almost all of March to rebuild from how broken…

  6. RT @L_Z_A: When ya ex die https://t.co/p7MCzXIkVS

  7. @Pryde https://t.co/kxVV44TJJ9

  8. RT @ovoclinny_mac: You gotta act like **** don't bother you even if it does.

  9. RT @Pryde: my first single will be my best single and best believe its already done.

  10. RT @meaghan_fogarty: my moms kindergarten class watching a chick hatch and then singing happy birthday to it https://t.co/8YYS6OdajH

  11. RT @omairaguz_: I stopped tripping over things I didn’t have control over and breaking my head worrying about things I couldn’t change. And…

  12. RT @BestOfBadPranks: LMFAOOOO https://t.co/YXgnzxjUBv

  13. @ovoclinny_mac Wish I had a bae to do that lol

  14. RT @Pryde: if u liked COVERBOY 2008 i got a whole load of good **** coming after it. dont fall off, stay tuned. album coming very soon.

  15. Can’t stand ungrateful butt people

  16. RT @Pryde: i have albums on albums of unreleased ****

  17. RT @FTW_sam: When you're at work missing his bed more than him

  18. R.I.P Uncle , you will be missed

  19. Wanna go on a date lol I forgot what it was for a second

  20. RT @Pryde: my album is so fire already ****

  21. RT @gnarleymia: can we just acknowledge how cute this is. this crab is little as hell. OMG https://t.co/CrawvIWksX

  22. RT @Pryde: i dont care about what youve done for me in the past, if ur a crummy person ur a crummy person. ur deeds mean nothing if ur a pi…