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  1. RT @bigbossgamingco: Check out the community forums. @ https://t.co/ejVlfw6NZi

  2. RT @gamespot: The very first Grand Theft Auto launched 19 years ago! Did you play the original? #GTA https://t.co/3L03EJMcUR

  3. Going home early feel like **** and having a hard time breathing

  4. at the movies seeing when the game stands tall.

  5. just got outta work.

  6. RT @YoungAntMania: If u love a person TELLEM the / show them or they will never know

  7. change of plans eating some McDonalds and watching shark week

  8. yea just got called to work no days off working for a tree service.

  9. sleeping all day and watching shark week!

  10. bucket and chipper all cleaned up ready to go!!

  11. so scared of heights and i work in the best business for heights

  12. Shark week is the best!

  13. Cant wait to get this bucket truck and chipper

  14. Working today got a couple lawns and shurbs to cut.

  15. Chillin by the pond had to bump the trailer but the dump wasn't open.

  16. Her brown eye summer time smile looks so good that it hurts.

  17. Riding around doing estimates

  18. Chillin at the boss's house by flax pond

  19. You have to love what you do when it comes to working

  20. At the four winds eating lunch.

  21. I want your number soo bad