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  1. @HavoKSharK @BigTreavor https://t.co/EKQT6IaVgN

  2. @Bippleton Took you long enough

  3. @OutClassSama Zombies

  4. RT @****hub: RT for ****hub stickers!

  5. RT @HavoKSharK: You and 3 friends are playing PUBG. Who is... 1) Issuing orders 2) Driving the car 3) Taking all the loot 4) Eliminated wit…

  6. RT @papertiki: This is important. https://t.co/JCHEUhjyvI

  7. RT @Rainbow6Game: Thank you for saving humanity over and over again! The entire Rainbow Six Team salutes you for taking part in the Outbre…

  8. RT @wickedrage: Win a brand new @DestinyTheGame Iron Gjallarhorn Replica if we reach our goal of $2K during our #RagingForAutism event! For…

  9. @REFTactical @kimberamerica @SKDTAC @BConeShooting @Steiner_eOptics @GunsDaily "Bro, you loaded blanks again"

  10. @eGodsEGO https://t.co/VUFOcx7p7Y

  11. @XxMs_BehavinxX @eGodsEGO Yeah he sent it to me a while back

  12. RT @JHarden13: Let the countdown begin… #ad #BlackOps4 https://t.co/C6lG55HdJg

  13. RT @GearsofWar: The Carmine Family are back this weekend in the Carmine Gear Pack alongside a new Series 3 drop! V-Day Marcus, Locust Gren…

  14. RT @ColossusFitness: RT if you see your favorite exercise!

  15. RT @k_wolfkill: A beautiful day of @HCS competition and @MLG goodness begins

  16. RT @HvKeSports: HavoK Podcast #5 now LIVE! https://t.co/k7erK9sYlf #EmbraceTheHavoK #SupportSmallStreamers https://t.co/f2ucDY5Vbd

  17. Life dictated no gym this morning, life didn't dictate no gym time

  18. I feel like when I die and my life flashes before my eyes, age 13-17 is gonna be a blur of halo and ****

  19. RT @HvKeSports: Stream is live with the new game @monsterhunter world with @HavoKProphecy https://t.co/TfLw8TeYjk @VictrixPro @Modjunkie…

  20. @eGodsEGO @HvKeSports look at all those credits! https://t.co/zhdW8SQUm6

  21. @eGodsEGO @CauseWereGuys Me

  22. RT @TheCayde_6: If I had a dollar for every Tank I had: https://t.co/MYhUrIt0NA

  23. Do you guys use any supplements?

  24. RT @ColossusFitness: RETWEET for Chocolate Fav for Vanilla https://t.co/UwPSNg5xV8

  25. RT @HavoKJoyslays: To3 looking for one for Nola. Team pass is bought and hotel is booked. Hit me up to run. PSN Joyslays. Rt please @CoDRT2…