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  1. Two Rep's at 285 on Dead-Lifts and two Rep's at 185 on Bench-Press. Not too shabby for only four weeks of strength training!

  2. But, but SA was amazing!

  3. Gaia

    Happy B-Day Dorkz!

  4. Happy B-Day Dorkz!

  5. Rags for red and Gaia for blue ;)

  6. Gaia


    Because it was another man who was drinking it!
  7. Gaia


    This statement is ridiculous! How in the hell can you "upgrade" someone's brain if there's not one there in the first place?
  8. Gaia


    That must have hurt!
  9. What about, Gaia for Cyan?

    1. Kered 7

      Kered 7

      Maybe after you quit the darkside of the darkside.

    2. Gaia


      That has nothing to do with being Moderator dickhead! I'm not in any clan nor side.

    3. Airborn 7

      Airborn 7

      Gaia is a great choice for Moderator especially since he has experience with being an Admin and is a court judge

  10. And I quote Erbs, "bloody red rags."

    Grats comrade.

  11. Gaia

    little sister.jpg

    Don't mess with an Asian chick that has a huge knife! Just sayin'
  12. For getting you unbanned turd.

  13. Gaia

    C6 Racing Platform - 2008 - 427 - ZO6 - Limited Edition

    Someone has money!
  14. Gaia


  15. Does someone need a tissue?

    1. Wes


      Does Thou hast Issues? Herest, taketh thy tissue.

  16. You made your hand heart on the wrong side. . .

  17. Ugh you ppl hurt my brain sometimes.

  18. What's goin' on?

  19. Billy say's add me to the Hall of Fame. clear you're message centre as well. . .