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  1. Dug my grave.
    I gave my promise to you,
    That I’d be more honest.
    But right now,
    I’m not my strongest
    Gave up love,
    To make a profit.

  2. https://discord.gg/dtmZZNy if y’all wanna be in a chat for memes randomness and gaming, join my brother’s chat here.

  3. I love being unwanted lol

  4. Don’t threaten America with a good time

  5. Drop insta names, follow for follow? ?

  6. “Hit 'em with the Ric Flair and the suplex
    I ain't never been scared, *****, I'm ruthless (woo)
    Raised by the ghetto
    Know some gangs that'll get 'em
    Split 'em right down the middle like a ****in' duplex
    Break a homie toes, make 'em do the two-step
    Crib full of hoes, now I feel like Hugh Hef
    Got a bad stripper *****, all we do is have sex
    And she love suckin' dick so I call her loose neck” and this type **** is why I like Joyner Lucas. ????

  7. RIP The Homie, Mac. I Still Miss You Every Day, Man. You’re The Main Reason I Started Rappin’. Love You G, Fly High?????

  8. Rach were going to Krispy Kreme

  9. Anyone tryna be friends? Hmu.

  10. The less you give a ****, the happier you’ll be.
    So kick back, put on some music, light a fatass joint & set that stress free.

  11. Just a little food for thought.

    I learned at a really early age‬
    ‪that no matter what you do in life,‬
    ‪People will hate on you for it & **** on your personal views on everything said life has to offer. ‬
    ‪No matter what, you’ll always look like a bad person to someone;
    ‪That the only person who’s gonna have your back when you’re alone is you.‬
    No matter who you are
    and what choices or changes in life you make,
    People will always judge you.
    ‪That you can never trust a soul, cause everyone switches up on you eventually, usually when they’re done using you or don’t get what they want while using you.
    ‪No matter what you’ll ever do as a person
    the only one you can ever trust with your life,
    is yourself. ‬
    ‪Only person who controls YOU,
    YOUR life & YOUR future, is YOU.‬
    ‪I began maturing and learning what life’s all about when I was 10. I’m 23, now.
    I know how hard life is.
    I’ve always known.
    I think other people just fail to realize that sometimes, you gotta swallow the truth and continue on with life.

  12. ******* be trippin’. Okay, maybe I pushed one.

  13. Why do females be playin wit a homies emotions? ?
    Can I just fin one good girl for once?

  14. “I keep pretending that I have control
    I wear a mask so you’ll never know”

  15. Just tryna make some moves in life & barely anyone supportive lmfao. I need some new friends.

  16. I wanna record a remix of “ISIS” by Joyner Lucas & Logic. who wants to be on it wit me? Must have rap experience. Pm me if interested.