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  1. Well,I must push you hard,young apprentice, to you be superior to everyone else.


  2. You better. Mwuahahaha. Ha.

  3. Right now would be nice. This kinda seems Star Wars-esque doesn't it. Evil master picks up and trains a powerful apprentice to rule the world together? Haha.

  4. Be ruthless to your enemies young one! Ha. Together we will rule teh world.

  5. Who dares to poke teh Mewtwo?

    *Uses Psychic*


  6. I got class on Thursday from 5-10 pm.

  7. "...I'm Goin' In and I'ma go hard!"

  8. "...I'm Goin' In and I'ma go hard!"

  9. Yo! i havne't talked to you in ofrever.I've been good.You? We need to play some Live sometime.

  10. Thank You very much sir.I'm not too good though.

  11. I like your sig. =D Awesome effects

  12. Your back. Cool.How you been?

  13. Why do you have one of my sigs in your sig?


  14. It's cause BPA wanted me to make a banner

  15. Hey Assassin, I was wondering what the dimensions for the banner on the Division site are?