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  1. Nice reference in your profile there. :)

    1. Pvt Dancer

      Pvt Dancer

      I thought you'd like it 

    2. KSI ElDIABLOx7

      KSI ElDIABLOx7

      Hey what up fellas?


  2. Nice reference in your profile there. :)

  3. Sexy ;) Can't wait to marry you.

  4. OMGRadio lol the sites been down for unscheduled maintenance for awhile now. omgradio.net It just went down without a word to any of us. Kind of lame but eh.

  5. Stop copying the style of my awesome history story thats outdated. :P

  6. KSI AK47sForAll


    I have a 16 and 3 picture of my game tonight.
  7. No cyberstalking six.

  8. *The first non Justin comment*

  9. Ok, I just had to kick someone else or else you wouldn't be that lucky. :P

  10. I know they are, they just find every new profile right away, lol. And not really, but I can still probably beat ya. :P

  11. Lol, the Canadians are everywhere it seems.

  12. Oh and you aren't lying about the lowercase "i" obsession. ;P

  13. Who you callin' dorkfish, loser?


    Winking tongue smiley for the win.

  14. Hey Tex! WhaT is Up? Definately just noticed I've been here longer than you. :P

  15. As I said dude, if I wanted you gone, I wouldn't create some elaborate story, I would just remove you for SR. I have no idea why you are taking this personally; its not personal.

    I have no idea why you continue to argue with me on something I heard.

    I'm not going to bother to respond again, unless you're ready to man up and admit your mistakes; that's appro...