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    Well since my recent leave from XG(Xiled gaming) i have joined a new clan called RGC(Renegade Gaming Community) we have about 1000+ members so far and its only been 2 months. So yea anything else you would like to know PM me and ill get back to you.

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  1. HI Seven whats up?

  2. yo natas could i get on your FL? j/w

  3. Hey Grindcore i am ur First Comment ^^ Woot :D

  4. hey 7 just stopping by to say hi..LOL

  5. The quoted words above are from Megadeth songs, written by Dave Mustaine a political songwriter, guitarist and all around great source to prove politcal facts...

  6. "Hook In Mouth"

    governments need a "Sleepwalker"

    to "Sell Peace"

    and create "Trust"

    your cause is just and right,

    to stop this war,

    you need not a fight...