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  1. your default doesnt look good.


  3. Topic posted. Sorry this is a duplicate. I have been very busy, trying to keep up with this and getting ready for my trip =P. Also I am better when I have topics given to me as well. It's hard to think up something for someone to write about when they are not in an immediate local range.

  4. you need ur 1000 views achievement now lol but hows your vacation??

  5. Good job on getting your co founder angel good luck with your new clan. Also if possible i can put my other account in it for you to have some members

  6. yo can u make the sig for me or not?

  7. yo wats up assassin this is ksi kgb mvp my halo2 broke so i cant play till halo3 but im looking for a gears or saints row clan so i can keep active with ksi message me or something

  8. YO! Whats up!?!

    This is KSI Assassin PR.