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    I'm a very nice person if you get to know me<br />!BUT BE WARNED!<br />I can be a ***** :)<br />Don't go behind my back or do something that will make me distrust you. Trust is a MAJOR thing to me and if you do ANYTHING to ruin that...well tough ****. Good luck getting it back.<br /><br />There's alot more to me that you will never know by reading anything on here or anywhere so just get to know me. That's your best bet :)

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  1. E-mail would probally be better if you could include a contact phone number that would awasome.

    take care chica

  2. Hello geeky I got on the other day but it didn't say you were online would you rather me just send an e-mail with everything

  3. hello trix its ybis here just thought I would stop by and say hello and get a hold of you so shoot me a msg so we can chit chat.

  4. Hey loser, when do you wanna get whooped at Quantum of Solace?

  5. hey pretty lady number 2 :D

  6. Hey pretty lady!! =]

  7. Yo im looking for someone whos in a all girls division cuz i have a girl in my squad whos wants to join one can you hellp ??