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  1. ...im going to try and play more though, and im not sure if your still on my friends list but my current gt is "Rubiks Kid" but i am planning on changing it sometime in the near future so maybe well play together soon =]

  2. yo dude, i was reading my email and saw your comment. sorry i havent played xbox at all in a while, im really busy with school and stuff...

  3. Lite Brite... I miss you bro!

  4. BriaN, you need to STFU, I don't know what you're talking about.

  5. LOL Did you know that this week is Marry Your Baby Daddy Week? You know what that means... =P

  6. Wow! You are always on the forums but you never post? What's up with that? Is it because I own you in no-scopes?

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