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  1. hmm u like sports... baseballs my sport play it year round

  2. jeez i didnt even notice u posted in here lmao

    and u think i care? u cant hurt me fellings!!!

  3. Wooo 1st comment

    Your a nub :)

  4. hello wolverine... hows it goin... idk wtf 2 say

  5. lol only been almost a month lmao its iight dude c u on xbl

  6. hi onyx wats up dude and like wasted said... UR A NUBBBBB lol

  7. u guys r mean so wat if hes emo... every1 acts different then every1 else

  8. whats up dude u met me in swat and u posted in dr and i recognized the name (ksi tmcleveland0