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  1. Hows it goingggg #LLFS

  2. KSI jHooD

    June/July 2017 Recruiters of the Month.

    Great Work Everyone!!!!
  3. KSI jHooD

    Is the price right?

    Nice article by the way! I'm actually in the market for a nice comfortable gaming chair. I do agree some of the prices are out of this world lol. I can justify about $200 on something nice but $500 yeah no thanks lol. I've been looking at one for $119 the reviews are good and it looks like its quality built as well. I mean that ones that run $500 I'm sure are very very nice but that's too deep for my pockets lol
  4. KSI jHooD

    Audi s3

    The toy!
  5. Sup

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    2. KSI TOPGUN 7

      KSI TOPGUN 7

      bad kid, cheater, STAND BYYYYYYYY

    3. Wes
    4. KSI jHooD

      KSI jHooD

      topgun get over it i know your bad but that doesnt mean everyone else is too lol

  6. Happy Birthday, JHOOD! :)

  7. 10/21/09 jHooD's BDaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. 10/21/09 jHooD's BDaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. well i see u know about red haze being back. i told him that i had u on my friends list. I remembered his name because his tag was inactive so long and had owner of our squad lol. but me and him never met untill a week ago lol.

  10. This is the guy that recruited me in to KSI Few years back in the FS Divison. First thing he ask me in a halo2 game when we met was "Are u MoB?" I wasn't 2 sure what he ment, so isaid "Dont think so?" we was cool since then :) That was back when MoB had just formed and left KSI.. Bad mistake for them. ah well a little peice of history :) hit me up J

  11. Wut Up J? U still around?

  12. KSI jHooD