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  1. cya ashley :) if you wanna contact me [email protected]

  2. im done with KSI graphics

  3. i got a new sig. not sure if you noticed.

  4. I did notice, and honestly i don't give a **** you scrub.

  5. Oh yah!? im like ALMOST to 2,000!

  6. HEY HEY HEY WAS HAPPENINZ...happy? lol

  7. ah, so you FOUND me...lol

  8. idk what happened to them :( one day i got on and all my comments were GONE...time for more?

  9. wheres da panda!!!

  10. Your posting habit makes me mad.

  11. Just an fyi swift..that forum member with the ripped logo..i had pm'ed him THREE times pertaining to that signature, so don't act like you know everything. Go ahead and whine to natas, see if i care

  12. cmon riley...this is too much..

  13. spammers get very irritating rashes. :o

  14. oh em gee!!! your back!

  15. ima change all my info to make it out to be that im female, get a hot woman as my profile pic, then i will have like 10k views :P

  16. psh, you only have all those cause half the people in KSI are under 16, and a girl online is AMAZING!!! :P

  17. gratz on mod <_< lucky!!

  18. you only have that many views because your a girl with pictures :P