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    hey what is up ppl i like to play halo2 on xbox live they be my peeps i love to draw mostly graffiti but i dont really have a hard time in it show me something and ill draw it good.I love music it is me soul i play piano the most pluse write some songs, drums etc. I love to talk to people i would not lnow what i would to with out people shoot my self probly, and i love to talk so much that i talk in my sleep but yae lets not talk about that. I love video games like HALO2 and any other action game for that matter. I hope to feel my life long dream into becoming a game disgner but school will choose that line. I love basicly dude things cars, movies, music, and all time fav. girls. and that is a faction of muwa so holla

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  1. hey r u there dude i need to talk to you about fr think you could help???

  2. peace up, a-town down

    lol wad up aaron

  3. im getting the best ides for some sig's damn it is going to be sweet i have been thinking about it this hole night 9:00 to now

    7:56 am.

  4. wasted can play halo nah nah nah nah nah nah lol