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  1. Hey what's up lol ya I guess I'm a netflix freak...I'm always on that **** lol but I settle in my new place I'll see if I can play something lol well hope your well take care silly man.

  2. Oh nooooo epic poo fling :] I can think of a few people that would not be wasted on.

  3. You are still Munkees property.

  4. Munkees don't mooo. We do fling poo though. Watch out! Lol

  5. Hi friend! Get out of netflix and play some games with me

  6. I miss the Munkee lol what's up silly man

  7. Mooooooooo says the munkee :] hows you?

  8. So if you're not super busy this weekend I think it'd be a darn good time to finally hang out. :) Just saying.

  9. Hey Munkee

    I know this might be a broad question and its been a long time but do u have any idea when RE was created? Im looking for the original banner and I cant seem to find it.

  10. Hey you crazy *******. H3LP M3 is back :) 2 years and some business management school and i'm back to actually do something this time :)

  11. There is something you can't understand, How I can just kill a man!!!