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  1. lol what are you so excited for?

  2. ya lol o well what can ya do

  3. ha mines alright could be better though.

  4. Lol thats weird... Maybe I should put one up then you are the only person that comments me. So hows life anyways?

  5. Im sorry =[ Well happy late birthday

  6. Guess who's unbanned... :D

  7. wow lol that seems like a little much

  8. O wow well dont waste ur time with anyone if anyone isnt pulling their share get rid of them... if theres anything i can do to help tell me...

  9. I got lonely lol...

    So what are you busy with?

  10. hey u never leave any comments anymore :(

  11. hey long time no see...

  12. No you don't :(

    You love Kill Steal not me...

  13. I want your babies!

  14. well i didnt like it at first but then i got really into it

  15. o lol cause im playing kingdom hearts lol but i beat it so i will be on the forums a lot untill my lil bro buys the second one lol

  16. ur comment really confused me lol

  17. ill make up a new word lol

  18. lol i'll have something in a few days

  19. lol sounds like a good combo for a word

  20. i should make my own word that has the same meaning as epic lol

  21. lol 'epic' is used too much and people think they are smart and special when they say it lol