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  1. Nah dude you were right i need to change it it look like i was attack people in that lol i changed it but thanks again

  2. Ahhh... i just felt like being a d*** about it =], i wasnt being serious, i was bored, lol

  3. ?? I just ment dont be it all the time i mean i dont care if you do it. and i also dont go to far with it. plus i was about to go to chruch so i just squeezed as muxh stuff in before i left. and i havent really gotten around to change it. but thank you for contactin me about it ^_^

  4. hmmm, i think you contradicted yourself in your "about me" You say you hate people who judge people. well in order to decide that they judge people, you would have to judge them, which means you judge people. so do you hate yourself?