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  1. It's okay. Thanks. :)

  2. sorry for not replying since waaaaaaaay back but thatnx for ur BDAY wishes :D

    and happy birthday to u too sorry i wasnt here :(

  3. Happy Birthday, Welshy! :)

  4. hey welshy poo!! im grand, and yourself?? yeah, its been awhile, i know. im sorry.. been really busy with work, but it seems to be calming down some. hopefully will have more time to chat and whatnot =]

  5. Hey!!!!

    wow its been like years since i talked to u last :P

    hows life and all the otha stuff like that :P

  6. OMG!! its muh WELSHY!!! Hey buddy!!! <3

  7. This kid is Pro at Sigs.


    <3 <3

  9. lokking abit tired kenny

  10. good luck with everything mate hope to hear from u soon

  11. Awesome sig maker. Thanks a lot

  12. here ya go takedown a comment on ur profile lol

  13. hey with ur sig do u want me to include the same text and sub text as the last one i made ?

  14. Welshy

    me and ace

    thnx bro i made it for me and mi mate ace