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  1. Thanks I guess. I dont know why I got a temp ban for posting a resign letter, everyone on ksi rs says thats bs. What happened to the topic? I got like 11 emails about it having action taken against

  2. o gonna miss ya dude...have fun!

  3. Yeah I think Im gonna leave KSI. Sorry, but its getting bad, the bs i go thru. Hey but add KSI Les Paul, thats my brother, hes nearly the same as me =P, youd like him. Sorry i gotta leave the clan but idk why i keep getin demoted and bsed around with. Later

  4. I guess I'll say goodbye to you. Thanks for being one of the only nice people in ksi that I met. People have voted that I leave, so I think I'm gonna. See ya lady cash

  5. wesils in airbourne. i thot u couldnt get on xbl or these forums lol. what time do you get on(im gonna assume your on EST)

  6. o................who's wesil? anyway u can always play with me on xbl but...i haven't even talked to you yet..we have never been on at the same time...

  7. Prolly but i refuse to play with wesil hes really ticking me off.

  8. ello dude haven't seen ya in ahile r u going to go on xbl soon?

  9. Welcome to the KSI club!!!