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  1. Haha maybe you wont see this ever but i thought it was funny. Literally the week I came onto the forums, '07, i saw you commented on my profile and i never answered lol. This is me answering! Only took 10 years... Maybe its a good thing youre not active because id give you so much ish for being a Falcons fan. Pats all the way baby!! :P

  2. NFC, baby!! Lets DO IT!!!

  3. Loving this cold weather!

  4. Loving this cold weather!

  5. KSI áShLeY 7

    All about ME!

  6. WTF are you talking about, sir?

  7. sean weatherspoon hell ya

  8. oh, p.s.. why do you have a penis head as your avatar pic??

  9. I know i have nice breasticles :D thanks for noticing

  10. i know you're never on, but the falcons are terrible