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  1. You are for real hilarious. No Sarcasim. (: Lol, I am falling out of my seat, no lie.<3

  2. You are hilarious.

  3. Bwhahahaha, that soooooo old, but thank you.


  4. Yeah, I know.

    I am sorry, I am getting ready for school right now.

    I miss youuuu.

  5. We would talk, but not really. He would both me alot though. I just didn't reply back much. . . I used to. Not anymore, that's old and I changed. I have a life now.

  6. That's me.

    I do know him.



  7. You're amazinggg. (:


  8. Oh boy.


    Lol, I am kinda mad.

    But other than that I am good.

  9. Ohhh yeah. XD Hahahahahaha, I am pretty sure everyone knows about me through that, I guess. :P Anywaysss.

  10. You've heard alot about me? Lol.

    Was it good stuff?

  11. I hope you like the word Immorally. I guess it's my fault that I made you out to be forceful. :P Bwahahahahahaha!

  12. Check out this kid that thinks he is cooler than me, pfft. :P

  13. Boo. (:

    Ahhh, first comment.

    Em rocks. hahaha.

  14. Awh, I heart my valentine. <3