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  1. CoLd

    Haha I haven't played in like three years.

  2. Getting back on the box soon. Be ready!

  3. haha thats amazing

  4. "but unless you're pretending to have a different accent now you wouldn't sound too different "

    oh ok.

  5. I don't have an accent!

  6. When is the last time you've heard me speak?

  7. MT13? you sound like a mountain stupid lol

  8. You know what Derek, ur adopted. Oh what now?

  9. u know what benny? get off my comment box!

  10. I hear this guy is pretty much a pimp lol

  11. ha ha ha ur soo funny....NOT! lol

  12. Now I have 997!

  13. MIKE you are a ****. Deal with it lol

  14. psh u gave me the crack chief lol

  15. Im sorry if I made you mad today Andy. You know I play around alot and I didn't think you were gonna get offended

  16. shhh u wern't suppose to tell everybody! lol