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    1. Wes


      Please don't advertise other forums here which might divert members to your desired website. Thansk!

    2. TMG RULO X

      TMG RULO X

      My website is Very active and you sir need to chill. Thanks

  1. Everything gets better with time and time is forever

  2. man i got summer hatin on me cuz im hotter than the sun, spring hatin on me cuz i aint neva sprung, winter hatin on me cuz im colder than ya’ll and i would never i would never i would never fall.

  3. That's cool,,, I only went there last time to see if I can help you guys out... I was hoping everyone forgot about me xD.

  4. Can you tell all the other admins xD I was being good last time until i got banned for no reason :( so I was like **** it and did stupid **** xD.

    Do you guys a have a legit media team running?

  5. So can I make an Obey account and not be banned? :)

  6. -creeping- I hope its not because of the stuff I posted on your site ^_^

  7. Hows Everyone

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    2. TMG RULO X

      TMG RULO X

      NM Chillaxing broski


    3. Airborn 7

      Airborn 7

      you remioved me add me bakk, KSI Vizionz XD

    4. TMG RULO X

      TMG RULO X

      Never added you bro lol i need to del someone


  8. hey you knw i was talking about the other kid not you right in that open door topic lol

  9. it dosent matter to me i love it cause you made it

  10. ...I need to make you a new siggy. That one is nubb. lol