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  1. wassup wit it...mini

  2. happy b-day homie!!

  3. hey thanks for the birthday wishes

  4. hey thanks for the birthday wishes

  5. yo i need new photoshop..get on msn!!

  6. thats good..doing alright myself

  7. wat it do homie..how's it going?

  8. hey how's it going bro..i was wondering if you could help or give me some tips on graphic design..because im planning on becoming a graphic member..tank is helping me with some of the stuffs....well when ever you have some free time just holla at me on here or myspace..thanks nukka! lol

  9. happy b-day ms.strawberry


  11. HAPPY B-DAY homie!!!!!!!!

  12. get off her kool aid tank!!

  13. wassup with it nukka..its hyphy