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  1. hahahaha yeah man, best super secret base (with no girls aloud) ever

  2. I float around sometimes ^__^

  3. DUDE!

    I found the pic of our super secret base on Halo 3 hahaha

  4. I shall do that, dude hit me up on xbl - LKG RiiOT and once im done remodelling my clan we will get involved :D

  5. I beeen running my clan that opened up not too long ago, whats going on with you dawg?

  6. here and there, IVE MISSSSSEDD YOUUU

  7. hahah good point :P

    Hook a brotha up ;]

  8. do they actually do anything?

  9. dude you really have 2 billion points...?

  10. Dude, why does the LS fit in your sig but in mine its all like NO ITS TOO BIG AAAHHH.

  11. hahah fail.

    you spam as much as Reflex ;]

  12. Team 69 reppin the GLS...