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  1. are the same KSI Silver from KGb back like 2 years ago? Or are you a different guy?

  2. i was about to comment on that aswell but then decided not to. lol i will laugh now if you get banned just for the heck of it so the admins can laugh then unban you

  3. everyone that leaves you a comment gets banned

  4. Hmm that's tight you got the same senior ring as me.

  5. ahhh i remember you. you probably never get on here though. but yo.

  6. yo, saw you had semper fi in your motto. just dropping by to say hey and that me and Fuzzymeep are trying to get it to its feet again.

  7. I <3 you more then fuzzy cuz fuzzy is just strange... (no homo)

  8. I would have never guessed you had sideburns.

    So how's KGB?

  9. Sure thing dude. Just update the USA thread in the forums to shpw who is in what position *AHEM* and we'll be cool. ^_^

  10. what up bro, keep up the activity on the forums and represent KSI USA UN! son