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    I like working,playing video games and getting really drunk with my friends and doin stupid stuff.But I dont do that all the time,just when I dont have a girl to think about.I spend all my time on Call of Duty 4 when im home.Im the (leader)of KSI GHOSTS KGB. My gamertags are KSI Marius3000 and KaseKage Garra if you wanna chill and play a little bit.I play Halo 3 occasionally but I need a really good reason to play it.<br />Im an anime nut and I love Vampires as if you couldnt tell by my gamertags.A good way to reach me or see who I really am is to go to my MYSPACE page"THE DAMNDEST CREATURE".If you wanna send a friends request my last name is "Geary"<br /><br />LOVE? Who can know about anothers love?The more you love,the more you know the burnt out loss of love.The more you suffer in the the face of unknowing.

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